Spaces to find oneself

Happiness is an attitude and at GF Victoria*****GL we know there are a thousand ways to achieve it. Some cultivate their mind. Others take care of their body. Many seek balance through activities to reconnect with the environment, disconnecting from the daily routine. Whatever it may be, at our hotel you’ll always find a space and an ideal moment to take care of yourself.


At GF Victoria, we go the extra mile with the concept of wellness and well-being.

We take into account the 5 dimensions that create and define our health. We’re referring not only to the physical plane, but also the mental, intellectual, spiritual and social planes. That’s why we have created very special spaces so that you can make your holidays even more positive and enjoyable.



A holiday concept aimed at family health and well-being.

At GF VICTORIA*****GL, sport and leisure activities are part of our DNA and we’re delighted to make them part of your daily life in the hotel. There are so many activities to choose from: new experiences, pumping your adrenaline, small adventures and overcoming physical challenges. You’re going to love it!


Disconnect and start enjoying your moments of rest in a very special and unique way.

Close your eyes, breathe… You’re on holiday. The sun, the blue sky, a peaceful atmosphere… What more could you ask for? We’re sure you can think of many ways to enjoy yourself, but we’re convinced that the services and spaces of our facilities are second to none, and this is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of relaxing.


Cycling Friendly

At GF Hoteles, we assume the commitment to sustainability by promoting responsible tourism. In this regard, we place at your disposal the ‘Cycling Centre’ of GF Victoria, a new space offering a fully equipped storage for bicycles, including hangers with safety cable, cleaning area and a workshop with guaranteed tools of quality.

In addition, through Cycling Friendly, you can rent your equipment and enjoy cycling in Tenerife.