Beauty tips for a perfect New Year’s Eve

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2018 has been a great year for us. We opened the doors of our impressive Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL and we cannot be more proud of this innovative project in which health, welfare, the environment and sustainable tourism have become our great challenge. And, above all, a hotel with a unique concept of luxury family vacations.

The perfect destination for a holiday surrounded by the people you love the most, without getting away from our hallmarks: luxury, exclusivity, well-being, accessible tourism, respect for the environment and care for sustainable and responsible tourism.

Now that the New Year is approaching, not only do we have to take stock of the best that the previous months have given us, but we can also consider the best way to greet 2019, with our incredible Gala Dinners. New Year’s Eve is probably one of the most special and exciting evenings that can be experienced in our hotel. This is why we have selected the best plans and tips so that you can dazzle as never before.

Start taking care of yourself from the inside

The Christmas excesses are almost a reality that cannot be ignored during this period. Our fabulous breakfasts, full of healthy options such as oatmeal, fruit, salmon, nuts and non-ultra processed products will help you start your day in the best way and feel better than ever. Our advice: discover, as well, the benefits of detox juices in our bars, to free yourself from everything that may be negatively affecting your well-being.

The best version of you, after a relaxing facial treatment

Among the treatments available in our bio-spa, you will find ideal options to enhance your natural beauty. For a special night, when you want to show your best face, we recommend you choose one of our exclusive facials, depending on your personal requirements. Whether you need to brighten a little the dull tone of your skin, or you are looking for an anti-aging option, or some extra nutrition, we assure you that our professional team will find the most suitable formula for you.

Picture: Elle y Zara

Take note of these trends: square sequins and blazer dresses

If, last year, we relived the splendour of the 70s and the colourful spirit of Saturday Night Fever, this year we still have sequins, but in a more discreet and elegant style. The great novelty? Square sequins, which add a special dimension to fabrics. On the other hand, if you like trouser suites for your day to day, but don’t want to miss out on wearing a skirt on such a special night, why not opt for a blazer dress and you will have made the right choice.

Picture: ASOS

Elegance without heels, why not?

In recent years, we have seen renowned actresses and models perform at festivals, awards ceremonies and fashion weeks without heels. Fashion evolves by leaps and bounds and the obligation of wearing heels has officially ended in favour of comfort for those eternal nights of dancing and partying. We encourage you to try it this year. You won’t regret it!

Picture: Pinterest

This year, the focus of your makeup is your eyelashes

It‘s not surprising that eyelash extensions have gained so many followers in recent years. So, beyond the traditional smoky eyes or intense, matt lips, this year the protagonists will be the eyelashes. Some people are even encouraged to decorate them with sparkly elements and the results can be very striking.

Picture: Zara

A belt bag: the definitive accessory

Indeed, the star accessory of the 80s has returned in its most elegant version and is here to stay. As we mentioned with the heels, comfort is one of the elements that prevails on the current scene and this accessory has returned to replace the traditional clutch. The best thing? Without a doubt, its versatility: it serves both for informal and formal environments; it can be placed on the waist, worn as a bag or across the body; and, of course, it is the perfect size to carry your phone, keys and cards. Who needs more?

Signature dinner and 12 grapes, in the best company

In Donaire restaurant we are looking forward to you discovering our best proposals for December 31st, so we have organized a Gala Dinner, full of flavour and creativity. Say goodbye to the year in the best company and with your most elegant clothes, whilst enjoying our exclusive restaurant. We look forward to seeing you!

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