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Vegan restaurants of Tenerife: authentic flavour, cruelty free

vegan restaurants of Tenerife

The history of vegan restaurants of Tenerife not only relates to current food trends, it is something which has been developing for several decades. The important Indian community present on the island, as well as the influence of visitors from known vegan centres, such as Germany, Norway or Poland, have helped to consolidate veganism and […]

Tenerife’s cosmetics that you should incorporate to your daily routine

tenerife cosmetics

Nowadays, the cosmetics of Tenerife are experiencing a real boom. The concern for the use of natural and cruelty free products have turned the island into the perfect setting for the development of interesting proposals, made from typical products of the Islands. At Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL we always insist on the advantages of […]

Relax without your swimsuit: discover our naturist zone


Getting out of your comfort zone is an often-heard premise among the millennial generation. What we can learn from these fans of Instagram, travel and technology, is that we should seize opportunities when they are presented, and we are sure that holidays offer the perfect time to put this approach to the test. At a […]

Detox juices, your great ally for healthy living habits

Who has not ever wanted to change their lifestyle and sign up for healthy habits? In recent years, a multitude of food protocols and trends have emerged, that show a clear concern for the balance between an active lifestyle and quality food. Now that many nutrition gurus emphasize the benefits of natural food and the […]

Everything you need to know to make the most of your Yoga sessions

Yoga is the ultimate sports discipline. It offers the perfect harmony between work on posture, flexibility and the capacity for mental relaxation, making it an ideal choice for any type of athlete. Specifically, one of the features that most characterizes this discipline is its versatility; also that it is suitable for all ages and abilities […]

Key points on sustainability to raise awareness in our children

Many years have passed since the famous environmental manifesto “50 Things that children can do to save the Earth” was published by the Earthworks Group. With more than 5 million copies sold, it became a benchmark, showing the wave of concern for the state of the planet, which was already being seen in the 90s. […]

Reasons to choose holidays in autumn: hit with the GF Victoria ***** GL

It’s increasingly common for traditional summer holidays to move into the fall months. The motivations are obvious: less mass in beach destinations, ideal environment for couple plans and the guarantee that the well-deserved rest is made in the best conditions. Precisely Tenerife, with its mild temperatures and the multitude of plans it offers, has become […]

Enjoy taking care of yourself during your holidays

Rest from daily stress, enjoy the healthiest food options, stay active with some exercise or take care of yourself with most exclusive hydrothermal treatments. The concept of holidays has changed completely and in the Hotel GF Victoria***** GL we are aware of the needs of our guests. The guests of our hotel do not arrive […]

20-minute routines to keep you active during the holidays

The concept of holidays in a hotel establishment has evolved as guest’s concern for staying healthy increases. In the Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL we don’t like to talk about diets or bikini operations, but we prefer to think that sport and healthy eating are the perfect component for an ideal lifestyle. In our intention […]