Getting out is the key! The best escape rooms in Tenerife


Different types of leisure activity keep evolving, and there is nothing like the escape rooms in Tenerife to demonstrate this. It is an unusual form of entertainment whose only goal is to try to get out.  Today there are options spread throughout the island.

Teamwork, ingenuity, a little intuition and, if necessary, a knowledge of maths and equations. These are some of the keys to achieving success in these activities, which today gather followers around the world. Even prestigious companies use them as a team building exercise and they are passionate about these games and may travel around every corner of the planet to face new challenges.

The boom in escape rooms has not been long coming to our island, that is why we can offer you some of the most interesting ones to visit during your holidays. A perfect activity to do with friends or family and to test and conquer your hidden talents.

Escape Rooms in Tenerife: a different activity

From the north to the south of the island, there are many companies that offer original escape rooms, suitable for all audiences and with activities in multiple languages. Enjoying holidays on our island does not have to mean conventional sun and beach plans, so we encourage you to discover some of these spaces. Join us and discover the best escape rooms in Tenerife.

Escape Rooms Island Phobia

Very close to GF Victoria ***** GL, you can find this escape room, one of the most important on the island. Up to six different activities await you here, with games focused on magic, terror, fantasy or the usual bank robbery scenarios. If you are going as a family, this is definitely the place for you.

Game of secrets

Also in the south of Tenerife, in Playa de Las Américas, there is a complete escape room that will be especially popular with experts. With two universes, one set in a casino and the other in an Egyptian tomb, this game will surprise you and bring out the best in you. We also recommend that you stay tuned to their social networks, because they will soon be incorporating two new games that promise to be just as surprising.


In the town of El Médano, you will find this escape room for Mystery Hunters. Designed especially for groups of adults, it is a game of relatively high difficulty that requires following multiple clues inside an abandoned warehouse. Strange beings from another dimension, secret portals and fearful shadows will make your adrenaline rush like never before in just 60 minutes of play.

The Escape Room Box

If you enjoyed the ‘Chernobyl’ miniseries last year, this is your escape room. In San Cristóbal de La Laguna you will be able to do what they have titled as Project Abigail, a game set in the midst of a nuclear disaster that will test you. You will have to decipher the secret messages from a doctor whose experiments are quite questionable.


Finding the way to get out is more meaningful than ever in this escape room, also located in La Laguna. The famous Alcatraz prison serves as the setting for this story, in which mysterious characters, the Soviet Union and all the conspiracy entities you can imagine will also come into play.

Want to take a risk? Dare to try paragliding in Tenerife

paragliding in Tenerife

A bit of a run, a good jump and, when you least expect it, you will be flying and paragliding in Tenerife. Few activities are as exciting as a tour of our island from a bird’s eye view. If you conquered the helicopter flight that we proposed a few months ago, we invite you to raise your adrenaline levels with an experience like no other.

Maybe you remember that scene from ‘The Dead Poets’ Society’ in which Mr. Keating climbed onto the desk to remind himself that “we must constantly look at things in a different way”. This wise lesson is precisely the one that leads many to choose a sport such as paragliding in Tenerife, a place where the number of aficionados continues to rise.

The contrast between the incredible landscapes of sea and mountains, the sensation of flying, or that involuntary joy that is generated when you do something out of the ordinary, are some of the keys that explain its success. And holidays are a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone; so there is nothing like taking advantage of your days at GF Victoria ***** GL to motivate you to try paragliding.

Paragliding in Tenerife: everything you need to know

paragliding in Tenerife advices

Whether you opt for sea or mountain, Tenerife is a great place to discover from the heights. On the Tenerife Tourism website you will find a multitude of specialized companies that are located throughout the island, and that guarantee a professional and secure service.

If you have never practiced paragliding, it is very important to always have specialized monitors who are able to organize your trip and comply with the regulations in the event of any unforeseen event. Although it is the specialized companies that establish the rules and safety measures, it is important to follow this advice:

  • Wear appropriate footwear, such as trainers or simple hiking boots.
  • Wear warm clothes that are lightweight, such as a windbreaker or a fleece.
  • Gloves are not essential, but on certain winter days they will be appreciated.
  • Schedule the departure in good time and avoid very windy days.
  • Always make an effort to be relaxed throughout the experience; you will enjoy it much more and you will help facilitate the work of the monitor that accompanies you.

A multitude of corners to discover

paragliding in Tenerife corners

With a multitude of locations from where to start the flight, Tenerife is an island to be discovered by paragliding. If you don’t want to travel far from our hotel, in the municipality of Adeje you will find the Taucho takeoff spot, a perfectly equipped departure point that will allow you to explore the beautiful beaches of the south of Tenerife and the least known slopes of Mount Teide.

On the eastern side, specifically in the municipality of Güímar, it is also possible to access an impressive hillside, also with views of the sea and the mountains. The landscape of this area of the island is extraordinary, with imposing cliffs and volcanic caves of great interest.

If your motivation to practice paragliding in Tenerife is to discover the volcanic richness of the island, there is nowhere like Ifonche (in Vilaflor) or Izaña (in the Teide National Park). You will find no better places on the whole island to see unusual landscapes and to appreciate the immensity of the ocean that surrounds the Archipelago. With luck, you will also see other nearby islands such as Gran Canaria and La Gomera.

| Your first climbing lessons in Tenerife

climbing in Tenerife

At GF Victoria ***** GL, we have always seen holidays as an opportunity to take on new challenges and, of course, climbing in Tenerife is the perfect example. We can’t think of a better place than this island to take your first steps as a climber, either on a climbing wall or in a natural setting. Our landscapes offer ideal places to disconnect and, what better way to do it, than by choosing an active holiday. Get ready to discover the most incredible areas of Tenerife from elevated positions, with an activity that will hook you completely.

Since the National Geographic documentary Free Solo won the Oscar in 2019, the world of climbing has been on everyone’s lips. The story focuses on the figure of Alex Honnold, a world-famous climber specialized in in Free Solo – that is, climbing without ropes or protective equipment – and shows his ascent to the top of the El Capitan rock formaton in Yosemite National Park.

While this risky technique is not recommended for those who are just beginning, the influence that this production has had on the climbing boom in Tenerife is undeniable. On an island that has so many perfect places to practice, we could not miss the opportunity to follow this trend. Here, we suggest a brief review of the best places to start during your holiday in Tenerife.

climbing in Tenerife

Climbing in Tenerife: where to go

From north to south, our island has interesting places for all types of climbers. Whether you are just starting, or if you are looking to stretch your technique to the limit, Tenerife offers you very interesting locations, often with great views of the sea or even volcanic areas which are unusual for foreign visitors. These are some of our recommendations:

  • Las Vegas (Granadilla de Abona)

Beginners tend to start in places such as this, where it is suitable even for children and whose altitude does not exceed 50 metres. The type of rock is limestone, which guarantees a fairly stable grip; and rain is not frequent, thus minimizing the risk of slipping.

  • Guaría (Guía de Isora)

Also in the southern area, not too many kilometres away from our hotel, we find this basaltic wall, whose profile is completely vertical. Its height does not exceed 40 metres, but it is quite dangerous to go with children.

  • Cañada del Capricho (Vilaflor)

Located within Mount Teide National Park, this ravine has several climbing areas and its main attraction for climbers from outside the island is the possibility of climbing on volcanic stone. Its maximum height is 20 metres and it has profiles suitable for many proficiency levels.

  • San Marcos (Icod de los Vinos)

It is worth approaching this zone of the island to practice climbing in greener places, overlooking a more rugged area of coastline. A short distance from the beautiful San Marcos Beach, we find a climbing area up to 25 metres high and with good options for beginners. The environment is suitable to go with children, although don’t forget that it is always important to exercise caution and always go with the appropriate equipment.

climbing in Tenerife

From childhood, in the adventure area of the Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL

It’s no wonder that many of our guests are attracted to activities such as climbing in Tenerife. Families who have these preferences, encourage their children to practice for the first time in our adventure zone. This fun environment, completely safe and perfect for making new friends, has passageways, zip lines, tree houses and an area with a climbing wall where the little ones have a great time.

It is also important to know that our qualified staff is responsible for supervising the use of these facilities, which will help the children develop their technique in the most appropriate way. Who knows, perhaps one of your children will decide to follow in the footsteps of Alex Honnold and become a climbing enthusiast. In any case, we are sure they will have a great time while they are discovering it.

Crossfit in Tenerife: much more than functional training

crossfit in tenerife

If you have followed some of the main trends in fitness in recent years, you will surely have heard about crossfit. This sports discipline continues to captivate more and more followers, and the whole world still asks why. Rigor, technique and a love-hate relationship are three of the concepts that define this sport that promises to test all your muscles to the limit.

In the era of high intensity functional workouts, crossfit has become the largest player. The military, professional athletes and bodybuilders are already interested in this modality, which has its origin, believe it or not, in the 70s.  Its international attraction is such that it has already consolidated as never before on our island. We invite you to discover the keys to the success of crossfit in Tenerife.

¿What is crossfit?

Crossfit is an innovative training mode that has its origin in the United States. Its creators, tired of performing weight exercises and conventional movements, proposed a sport that tested other human virtues beyond strength, such as balance, flexibility or endurance.

crossfit in tenerife

With adherents in all countries of the world, crossfit has a much more primitive movement base than what we are used to seeing. Strength and agility are worked with functional options that exercise all parts of the body equally. This is achieved not only through elements such as weights, ropes, TRX systems or boxes of different heights, but also working with your own body through jumps, squats, burpees and all kinds of push-ups and abs.

As a rule, more conventional crossfit workouts include four main blocks:

  • Warm-up: you start with high intensity cardio to tone the body.
  • Strength training: this is the stage where you work with weights and in which the largest muscle groups are the protagonists.
  • Part B: increases the intensity of the exercises, but the weight work drops to improve agility.
  • Elongation: the session is terminated with deep stretching that helps prevent injuries.

It is quite a hard mode for those who have just begun, but that captivates everyone who tries it. There are many centres and gyms that have incorporated crossfit in Tenerife, due to the great demand that this sport has on our islands. In fact, its relevance is such that important competitions are already held in the Archipelago – of course, saving the distances to be travelled to compete in big events in cities such as Los Angeles.

Crossfit in Tenerife: a lifestyle

To understand the rise of this training mode, you have to understand that we are not only talking about a type of exercise, but a true lifestyle. Although experts talk about differences between all functional training styles, it is common to find many followers of this discipline who also practice specific eating habits such as paleo-diet.

crossfit in tenerife

At Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL, we have always been in favour of active holidays and, of course, that all our guests are able to do what they like most during their stay. Very close to our establishment you can find several specialized centres in this discipline and, if you are expert enough, you can use the equipment from our gym to organize your own elements. What are you waiting for?

Discovering Anaga: the Enchanted Forest route

Known as the Enchanted Forest, it is one of the most interesting and impressive trails of all those on the island of Tenerife. It houses a small, but leafy example of a laurel forest, a representative plant of the islands that forms part of the area known as Macaronesia, among which is the Canary archipelago.

Tenerife offers varied landscapes which will not stop surprising you. Each corner of the island is different from one you will have seen. In this case, the route through the Enchanted Forest will make you fall in love with Tenerife and this natural jewel called Anaga Rural Park. It is one more piece of the entertaining puzzle that makes up the island and that more people dare to discover on their own.

At GF Victoria, we would like to give you the necessary advice so that you can enjoy this route and immerse yourself in the wonderful nature of the island.

The Integral Natural Reserve of El Pijaral, where the route is located, occupies just over 300 hectares of the Anaga massif. For conservation reasons, it is necessary to request a special permit to visit it. You can arrange this in a fast and simple way through this page.

The Enchanted Forest trail runs along a circular route of 6.7 kilometres. It is a trek with quite low difficulty on an area which is mostly flat.

How to get there?

From Santa Cruz

Head in the direction of San Andrés and take the El Bailadero / Taganana turnoff. When you find the new detour to El Bailadero, turn. You will be on the TF-123 road, and the start of the route is between kilometres 4 and 5.


From San Cristóbal de La Laguna

Head in the direction of Monte de las Mercedes  and take the El Bailadero turnoff to join the TF-123. There you will find the beginning of the trail between kilometres 4 and 5.

During the journey, the road is of great scenic beauty and with many curves. So, although it is not many kilometres, it takes time. When you are between kilometres 4 and 5, known as the Ensillada area, you will see a small parking zone and a barrier.

First part of the trail

Once located, you may have a doubt about where the path begins; whether at the barrier or the path that is right next to the sanctioning sign. It starts right there. It is a circular route, so you will reach the same starting point.

The path has no signs, except for a few stone cairns that take time to appear. You must always follow the best path.

Soon a great spectacle of nature will appear. Walking between tunnels formed by moss-covered tree branches is something very mysterious. In some sections it is completely muddy and you will have to juggle to get around the mud.

After an hour of walking you will arrive at Roque Anambro, a mass of stone that you cannot miss. From there, fantastic views are possible. Later, when you reach the Mirador del Tejo, with plenty of space, you can take a break. The viewpoint offers magnificent views of the hamlets of Taganana, Roque de las Bodegas, Almáciga and Benijo.

Second part of the trail

From the viewpoint you will see two paths leading off. The first, among vegetation are tunnels that reach the coast or the hamlet of Chamorga. Or the second option is wider and sandy, and leads to the starting point.

This section becomes a bit more mundane, but it holds some surprises such as several caves carved into the stone. Thus, after about another hour of walking, you will reach the TF-123 road. Once there, you can choose to return to your car by walking along the road; however, the safest option is to take the leafy path to the right, slightly hidden again. After a climb you will find again the fork from the beginning and also the parking zone.This is where the walk ends.

When you return home, you will take back cherished memories of visiting new places like the Enchanted Forest, where you encountered a magical, natural, environment. We know the importance of the moments lived during holidays and we hope to have contributed our grain of sand by bringing you an essential proposal to enjoy to the fullest. And, if you still have doubts, don’t hesitate to contact our GF Victoria team, we will be happy to help you.

In search of the best sunrise in Tenerife

One of the extraordinary gifts that nature offers us every day is, with no doubt, its beautiful sunrises. The fact that every day dawns and dusk is not something especially unique, but seeing the sun rise on the horizon in a destination like Tenerife, it is.

We want to point out on your map the most essential, exclusive points and with the best views to guide all those who, during their holidays in GF Victoria, want to go out in search of the best sunrise in Tenerife.

The Teide

From the highest peak in Spain the views are indisputable. The sun makes an appearance every morning as an advance of a new unique and special day. If weather conditions allow it, it is possible to enjoy the silhouette of the neighbouring islands La Gomera and La Palma. It is an extraordinary experience, you will never forget since you will find yourself at more than 3500 meters high.

Chipeque Viewpoint

One of the most spectacular viewpoints on the island is hidden on the Esperanza road in the direction of Teide. From there you can see a sunrise hardly surmountable. The Teide in the background bathed by a sea of clouds makes up an impressive postcard very accessible and within walking distance of the national park.

Punta de Teno

Volcanic rocks, cacti and a small lighthouse make up the ideal setting to contemplate a sunrise whose hallmark is the contrast between the blue of the ocean and the pink tones that the sun paints in the sky, rising through the westernmost point of the island.

Duque Beach

From the mountain we go to the coast. If you do not want to go very far from GF Victoria, we recommend one of the favourite locations for the locals, Playa del Duque. From this emblematic beach in the south of the island you can witness every morning of one of the most unique sunrises. This is undoubtedly one of the places you cannot miss during your stay at GF Victoria.

La Tejita

A beach where, while the sun is present, you can enjoy a pleasant walk on its kilometre beach. You will have an unbeatable view of how the sun is dressing in different colours while taking height behind the mythical “Red Mountain”.

Benijo Beach

Few beaches in Tenerife are as spectacular as Benijo, so it is the perfect combination to watch the sun rise in an environment where nature is preserved at its best. See how the sun appears among the emblematic Roques de Anaga, can be one of the experiences of your vacation, a passage to tell when you return and a memory that will remain in you for the rest of your life. There is no better way to start the day than with this exaltation of nature.

Presume a vacation when you return home, flood your networks with stunning photos with which to relive every moment and, above all, enjoy family or couple experiences generating unforgettable memories that will last over time. We know the importance of the moments lived during the holidays and we hope to have contributed our grain of sand by bringing you an essential proposal to enjoy to the fullest. And, if you have doubts, do not hesitate to contact our GF Victoria team, we will be happy to help you.

Vacations for gamers at GF Victoria


The world of gaming, or videogames, is currently experiencing a real boom. Far are the years of Pacman, Super Mario Bros and the Tetris of the Game Boy that accompanied many of us during our childhood. And, with the arrival of 3D, online games or augmented reality alternatives for mobile devices, the landscape has evolved into a promising industry that moves millions and millions of euros every year.

Anyone who had access to devices such as the first Play Station or the Nintendo 64, real gaming stars in the past, has had to live with comments from parents and supposed experts who warned about a multitude of risks, such as incitement to violence, addiction or vision problems. The sector has evolved and now we know that, with the right format, video games are excellent learning alternatives that also offer great benefits for the development of the smallest.

Advantages of gaming between children and adolescents

At GF Victoria***** GL we are very aware of the importance technology has today, that’s why we decided to implement it also in our leisure area, with an interesting offer of car simulators and other strategy games designed for your children.

Our intention has always been to generate a more appropriate space for children, less interested in our children’s activities hotel. What better way to promote socialization than with the latest simulators? You would be surprised by the teamwork strategies that are generated in our hotel, even when the players are of different nationalities and ages. Friendships and laughter happen spontaneously, which corroborates many of the benefits that are attributed today to video games.

Now that we know more in depth the possibilities of gaming, we know that they are able to stimulate children’s imagination, as well as the use of coordination, logic and mathematics. There quite some experts in the sector that have started playing as amateurs and that, today, work for well-known companies such as programmers, 3D designers or game testers – indeed, those who spend 8 hours of their workday using video games to identify possible failures.


Virtual reality, without leaving the hotel

Making your children feel in a Moto GP or Formula 1 circuit is already possible, thanks to virtual reality technology, available in our facilities. After a long day in our adventure zone or in the pool area, nothing compares to enjoying an authentic gamer experience, without having to leave our hotel.

Enjoy this exclusive family space, every day between 20:00 and 23:00 hours. Your perception about the world of videogames will change completely and we guarantee that the little ones will have a great time.

Canarian Fashion: trends from volcanoes to the ocean

Moda Canaria

The Canaries continuously inspire creation. Their interesting natural contrasts, the talent present on the islands and the support of local institutions have given rise to the formation of canarian fashion (Canarian style) as an entity with its own personality.

Freshness, colour, sustainability and a clear inspiration from the characteristic elements of the Islands, mark this growing industry, which currently employs professionals from a variety of different fields. Designers, stylists, fashion editors, photographers, pattern creators, bloggers and modelling agencies are the protagonists of a compendium that increasingly receives support from both inside and outside the Archipelago.

Tenerife Cabildo, under the banner of Tenerife Moda and Gran Canaria, responsible for Gran Canaria Moda Cálida, have been supporting the workers in the sector for many years, with a clear commitment to specialized training in these areas, as well as programmes to promote designers and other emerging professionals.


Canarian designers you should know about

Although there are many actors involved in this industry, we wanted to make a selection of Canarian designers and brands that should be taken into account. Now that summer is at its peak, we would like to mention some worthy designers of swimwear such as Aurelia Gil, Alida Dominguez or the Tenerife firm Oh! Soleil, which, in its latest collection, combines the most bohemian and elegant fabrics with a vintage look.

Party costumes for events and celebrations, are also one of the great specialties of our favourite designers.  Juan Carlos Armas has been known within and outside of the islands for many years, but it is also advisable to keep track of other excellent enterprises such as María Mía, Roselinde or Josep Mestres.

Of course, we mustn’t forget about the brides, which now represent one of the fastest growing markets on the Canary Islands. Marco & María are currently the biggest worldwide names, but you are sure to hear other names of firms such as Amarca, Sedomir Rodríguez de la Sierra or By Loleiro.

Finally, although we refer to the cinematographic sector, it’s necessary to mention some of the main architects of costume design in Spanish productions. Amongst the winners of Premios Goya,  we can highlight the award-winning Paco Delgado from Lanzarote (Snow White, Las Brujas de Zugarramurdi), in addition to Paola Torres (1898. The last of the Philippines) and Tatiana Hernández (Lope).

Canarian fashion

Upcoming dates of moda canaria

Since its recent opening, Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL has wanted to show its support for the Canarian fashion sector. It demonstrated this in the latest edition of the Tenerife Fashion Beach Costa Adeje event, participating as a sponsor and promoter of the climate and fashion combination that characterized it. This year the event will take place between 14th and 20th of October.

On the neighbouring island of Gran Canaria, we also have one of the most popular international fashion weeks. Gran Canaria Swimwear Fashion Week is the main showcase of swimwear on the island, with contributions from Canarian and Spanish businesses, as well as others throughout Europe. If you are a design lover, you cannot miss this event between 3rd and 5th of October.

On the other hand, this autumn Feboda also awaits us, specializing not only in bridal fashion, but also in all the news and advances of the wedding sector. From 25th to 27th of October, at the Recinto Ferial de Tenerife, you will have the opportunity to learn about the highest trending styles of the Canarian designers and, of course, to approach the GF Hoteles stand, which will help you to finalize all the details of your long-awaited union.  Note the days in your diary well because we are looking forward to meeting you.

The best summer activities of Tenerife

summer activities

Are you looking for activities this summer in Tenerife? If our island can boast one thing, it is to offer a holiday destination of endless experiences. Leisure, nature, family getaways and a privileged climate await you in the largest of the Canary Islands for what is sure to be a holiday to remember.

The mild temperatures of the island and its many possibilities make it a perfect alternative for those seeking relaxation, those looking for adventure, or those who wish to discover the traditions and culture of the Canary Islands. In this post we offer a selection of activities that you should not miss during this summer in Tenerife.

summer activities

Summer activities at the heart of nature

If there is a summer date par excellence, it is the encounter with the Perseids or Tears of San Lorenzo. The skies of Mount Teide National Park are among the clearest in the world for stargazing thanks to the scarcity of light pollution; so, your visit to the island is a unique opportunity to contemplate the firmament in all its glory.

Alternatively, if you prefer an active holiday, Tenerife has a multitude of outdoor experiences to stimulate the senses. The island has a great network of trails that run to virtually every corner, so you can take hikes through the forest, along the coast, or visit the iconic volcanic sites that characterize the interior.

Of course, if we are talking about summer activities, we cannot forget the most refreshing pass-times. Our seas are ideal for practicing sports such as kite surfing, windsurfing, kayaking or diving. We assure you that it is not necessary to be an expert to take part, so make a note of these options before you plan your holiday in Tenerife.

summer activities

In search of a well-deserved rest

There is nothing like a holiday on our island to find the well-deserved rest you are looking for. At Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL we are authentic experts in the concept of relaxation, that’s why we have the necessary facilities to help you to recharge your batteries during your stay.

Our Bio-Spa was recently named as the Best Spa in the World, by the World Luxury Spa Awards; not only does it offer an exclusive hydrothermal circuit, but its personalized treatments are created from organic and natural products so that we respect our sustainability standards as much as possible.

If, on the other hand, your idea of rest is to be more in tune with nature, we recommend that you check out the multitude of beaches that can be found on the different coastlines around the island – naturist or not.

summer activities

Summer activities for children

The real protagonists of the summer holidays are the children, so we feel especially privileged to offer services and facilities dedicated entirely to families. Water park, wave pool, videogame area, tree houses, adventure area or our baby club, are just some of the great options available at Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL for the little ones to enjoy during the summer.

Giving up on luxury is not an option when you spend time with your family in a hotel like ours. That’s why we have created our Family Spa option within our Bio-Spa, so that all members of the family are able to experience our wellness services, whatever their age.

Can you imagine a more exciting summer? Get ready for your holiday in Tenerife because this whole universe of experiences awaits you.

Sunstainable ways to discover the incredible cetaceans of Tenerife

cetacean tenerife

The Canaries offer a perfect balance between development and sustainability, which makes them an ideal choice for a new type of tourist especially concerned with the environment. In a clear attempt to reduce as much as possible the impact on the environment, our island offers more and more alternative ways with which to enjoy the incredible natural wonders in a more responsible way.

It is probably not the first time you have heard about Tenerife being an ideal destination for whale watching. Indeed, the Islands are located at a strategic point between three continents (Europe, Africa and America), and are a frequent place of passage for many species.

Up to 21 different varieties of cetaceans have been recorded in recent years off the island of Tenerife, especially in the waters of Teno-Masca. This area, where the famous Cliffs of Los Gigantes are located, has been declared a Special Conservation Zone (ZEC) and is an epicenter for whale watching excursions in Tenerife.

cetacean tenerife

Whale watching in Tenerife: nature in its purest state

The first thing you should know before booking your excursion to search for the cetaceans of Tenerife, is that there are only certain boats which are authorized to run this type of expedition. The companies which comply with regulations and ensure a safe and sustainable experience, carry a yellow flag with the distinctive ‘Blue Ship’.

Keep in mind that the dolphins and pilot whales of the Islands are protected by both national and international preservation laws, so it is everyone’s responsibility not to contribute to any bad practices and, at the same time, be very respectful of the natural conditions of the cetaceans.

The boats should avoid getting closer than 60 meters from the species or sailing at high speed which can disturb them. At the same time, anyone who chooses this type of excursion is prohibited from throwing rubbish into the water, feeding the animals, bathing with them or touching them.

It is a unique experience – precisely because of the unpredictable behaviour of the cetaceans – and an opportunity to practice ecotourism with some of the most fascinating creatures of the oceans.

Cetaceans to discover

There is an 80% chance of seeing one of the multiple species of cetaceans around Tenerife during one of these excursions. In the waters off Los Gigantes, a few kilometres from the Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL, many resident varieties such as the Mular Dolphin or the Tropical Calderón, can be seen.

With luck, you may also see other sporadic sightings, of species such as the well-known sperm whale; as well as those in the process of migration, such as the Rocual or the common dolphin.

It is an ideal activity to enjoy as a family. Children have a great time learning about the variety of species and also discovering the true value of the seas and the biodiversity found in them. If you are looking for memorable moments during your holiday in Tenerife, be assured that the Atlantic Ocean will become a source of surprises.