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Discovering Anaga: the Enchanted Forest route

enchanted forest Tenerife

Known as the Enchanted Forest, it is one of the most interesting and impressive trails of all those on the island of Tenerife. It houses a small, but leafy example of a laurel forest, a representative plant of the islands that forms part of the area known as Macaronesia, among which is the Canary archipelago. […]

In search of the best sunrise in Tenerife


One of the extraordinary gifts that nature offers us every day is, with no doubt, its beautiful sunrises. The fact that every day dawns and dusk is not something especially unique, but seeing the sunrise on the horizon in a destination like Tenerife, it is We want to point out on your map the most […]

Vacations for gamers at GF Victoria


The world of gaming, or videogames, is currently experiencing a real boom. Far are the years of Pacman, Super Mario Bros and the Tetris of the Game Boy that accompanied many of us during our childhood. And, with the arrival of 3D, online games or augmented reality alternatives for mobile devices, the landscape has evolved […]

Canarian Fashion: trends from volcanoes to the ocean

Moda Canaria

The Canaries continuously inspire creation. Their interesting natural contrasts, the talent present on the islands and the support of local institutions have given rise to the formation of canarian fashion (Canarian style) as an entity with its own personality. Freshness, colour, sustainability and a clear inspiration from the characteristic elements of the Islands, mark this […]

The best summer activities of Tenerife

summer activities

Are you looking for activities this summer in Tenerife? If our island can boast one thing, it is to offer a holiday destination of endless experiences. Leisure, nature, family getaways and a privileged climate await you in the largest of the Canary Islands for what is sure to be a holiday to remember. The mild […]

Sunstainable ways to discover the incredible cetaceans of Tenerife

cetacean tenerife

The Canaries offer a perfect balance between development and sustainability, which makes them an ideal choice for a new type of tourist especially concerned with the environment. In a clear attempt to reduce as much as possible the impact on the environment, our island offers more and more alternative ways with which to enjoy the […]

Vegan restaurants of Tenerife: authentic flavour, cruelty free

vegan restaurants of Tenerife

The history of vegan restaurants of Tenerife not only relates to current food trends, it is something which has been developing for several decades. The important Indian community present on the island, as well as the influence of visitors from known vegan centres, such as Germany, Norway or Poland, have helped to consolidate veganism and […]

Tenerife by helicopter: prepare to surf the skies

tenerife helicopter

Surfing the skies of Tenerife by helicopter is a privilege that not everyone is lucky enough to experience. From the impressive cliffs of Los Gigantes, over the beautiful beaches of the south of Tenerife, to the imposing Mount Teide which presides over the island, Tenerife has a wonderful orography to explore; see every corner from […]

Where to enjoy a good brunch in Tenerife

brunch tenerife

It’s neither breakfast nor lunch. Undoubtedly , brunch is one of the best gastronomic trends to have arrived here from the United States. It is the result of the combination of the words breakfast and lunch, and brunch is the perfect excuse to include champagne or wine along with your buttered toast. Who doesn’t remember those […]

Relax without your swimsuit: discover our naturist zone


Getting out of your comfort zone is an often-heard premise among the millennial generation. What we can learn from these fans of Instagram, travel and technology, is that we should seize opportunities when they are presented, and we are sure that holidays offer the perfect time to put this approach to the test. At a […]