Essential dates on the Tenerife cultural calendar

Cultural calendar Tenerife

The inevitable return to the autumn routine is easier to take when we have leisure activities to stimulate our senses. The Tenerife cultural calendar for the coming months is full of interesting propositions, suitable for all ages and budgets.

Our island has always made a great commitment to leisure and culture, either through recognized music festivals that we have seen during the summer months, or through events with international, national and Canarian artists as protagonists.

Whether you prefer cinema, dance, theatre, art, music or even gastronomy, you cannot miss these excellent proposals. Will you join us?

Tenerife cultural calendar: what’s not to be missed

Cultural calendar Tenerife

Supercalifragilistic: The Musical – Auditorium Infanta Leonor (Arona)

Isn’t Mary Poppins the most famous nanny in the world? After achieving success on the Gran Vía in Madrid – known by some as Spanish Broadway – the Supercalifragilistic musical arrives in Tenerife to make both children and adults laugh, dance and have fun.  Just 10 minutes by car from Hotel GF Victoria***** GL the Infanta Leonor Auditorium awaits you on 20th September when it will become the epicentre for great songs such as ‘Chim chiminey’,  ‘a spoonful of sugar’, or ‘ Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ‘.

Cultural calendar Tenerife

Grand Finale, by Hofesh Shechter Company – Tenerife Auditorium (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)

Within the programme Telón, the Festival of Performing Arts of Tenerife, the dance company of the well-known Israeli choreographer Hofesh Shechter arrives on the island to present his acclaimed Grand Finale piece. It is an innovative contemporary proposal performed by dancers from up to nine different countries, in which dance, theatre and live music are combined to create a fun and, at the same time, dark perspective.

Cultural calendar Tenerife

Boreal Festival – Los Silos

On 19th, 20th, 21st & 22nd September, the town of Los Silos will host the International Boreal Festival 2019. This indispensable annual fusion of culture and the environment offers an extensive programme full of music, art and activities for all ages. If you are looking for a relaxed environment to walk around and enjoy various themes in one place, then you should not miss it.

Cultural calendar Tenerife

Pink & Green Summer Festival – Amarilla Golf & Country Club (San Miguel de Abona)

One of the golf courses of note on the island, Amarilla Golf, hosts one of the great days on the Tenerife leisure calendar. After the 2nd Women’s Golf Tournament, Más Mujer, on 28th September, this event will take place to officially say goodbye to the summer season – offering exquisite cuisine, the best music and the most exclusive festive atmosphere in the area.

Cultural calendar Tenerife

Film Series: Juvenile offenders – Aguere Cultural Centre (San Cristóbal de La Laguna)

Getaways to this town in the north of the island are a great opportunity to visit the Aguere Cultural Centre. It is one of the most active entities in relation to the leisure calendar of Tenerife and, without doubt, one of the temples for movie lovers. On this occasion, from 28th September to 14th December, this cultural centre will host an interesting cycle focused on key figures of classical cinema: juvenile delinquents. We are sure you will enjoy it.

Cultural calendar Tenerife

Fotonoviembre 2019   (Photo November) – Tenerife

If you are in Tenerife this autumn, and you like photography, you are in luck. The Biennial of Fotonoviembre returns in 2019, with an exquisite selection of exhibitions that are shown in various buildings and galleries throughout the island. Its duration extends throughout the month of November and is a unique opportunity to admire the work of renowned national and international photographers.

Canarian Fashion: trends from volcanoes to the ocean

Moda Canaria

The Canaries continuously inspire creation. Their interesting natural contrasts, the talent present on the islands and the support of local institutions have given rise to the formation of canarian fashion (Canarian style) as an entity with its own personality.

Freshness, colour, sustainability and a clear inspiration from the characteristic elements of the Islands, mark this growing industry, which currently employs professionals from a variety of different fields. Designers, stylists, fashion editors, photographers, pattern creators, bloggers and modelling agencies are the protagonists of a compendium that increasingly receives support from both inside and outside the Archipelago.

Tenerife Cabildo, under the banner of Tenerife Moda and Gran Canaria, responsible for Gran Canaria Moda Cálida, have been supporting the workers in the sector for many years, with a clear commitment to specialized training in these areas, as well as programmes to promote designers and other emerging professionals.


Canarian designers you should know about

Although there are many actors involved in this industry, we wanted to make a selection of Canarian designers and brands that should be taken into account. Now that summer is at its peak, we would like to mention some worthy designers of swimwear such as Aurelia Gil, Alida Dominguez or the Tenerife firm Oh! Soleil, which, in its latest collection, combines the most bohemian and elegant fabrics with a vintage look.

Party costumes for events and celebrations, are also one of the great specialties of our favourite designers.  Juan Carlos Armas has been known within and outside of the islands for many years, but it is also advisable to keep track of other excellent enterprises such as María Mía, Roselinde or Josep Mestres.

Of course, we mustn’t forget about the brides, which now represent one of the fastest growing markets on the Canary Islands. Marco & María are currently the biggest worldwide names, but you are sure to hear other names of firms such as Amarca, Sedomir Rodríguez de la Sierra or By Loleiro.

Finally, although we refer to the cinematographic sector, it’s necessary to mention some of the main architects of costume design in Spanish productions. Amongst the winners of Premios Goya,  we can highlight the award-winning Paco Delgado from Lanzarote (Snow White, Las Brujas de Zugarramurdi), in addition to Paola Torres (1898. The last of the Philippines) and Tatiana Hernández (Lope).

Canarian fashion

Upcoming dates of moda canaria

Since its recent opening, Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL has wanted to show its support for the Canarian fashion sector. It demonstrated this in the latest edition of the Tenerife Fashion Beach Costa Adeje event, participating as a sponsor and promoter of the climate and fashion combination that characterized it. This year the event will take place between 14th and 20th of October.

On the neighbouring island of Gran Canaria, we also have one of the most popular international fashion weeks. Gran Canaria Swimwear Fashion Week is the main showcase of swimwear on the island, with contributions from Canarian and Spanish businesses, as well as others throughout Europe. If you are a design lover, you cannot miss this event between 3rd and 5th of October.

On the other hand, this autumn Feboda also awaits us, specializing not only in bridal fashion, but also in all the news and advances of the wedding sector. From 25th to 27th of October, at the Recinto Ferial de Tenerife, you will have the opportunity to learn about the highest trending styles of the Canarian designers and, of course, to approach the GF Hoteles stand, which will help you to finalize all the details of your long-awaited union.  Note the days in your diary well because we are looking forward to meeting you.

The musical dates you shouldn’t miss this summer

Festivales Tenerife

Summer is synonymous with music festivals and in Tenerife we cannot be exempt. During the coming months, some of the best singers and bands of national and international reference, will attend the diverse musical events of the island and we can’t wait to see them.

From north to south, the festivals of Tenerife offer options for all tastes, including genres as diverse as electronic music, Spanish indie, trap or, why not, classical and chamber music available at the Auditorium of Tenerife.

If you are anxious to discover the line-up of all these concerts in Tenerife and you can’t wait for the fun moments that you will enjoy with your friends, then take a look at the great proposals we have for you below.

Festivals Tenerife

Festivals in South Tenerife: welcome, Rosalia

Have Rosalía’s songs become part of your playlist? It wouldn’t surprise us. The artist is already one of the great singers of our time and her journey through Tenerife is, perhaps, one of the most anticipated of the year. On 22nd June, we will welcome summer with the festival “Ritmos del Mundo”, in Costa Adeje, with the performance of this iconic singer, responsible for successes that combine flamenco and urban rhythms such as Malamente, Pienso en tu mirada or Con Altura.

If you opt for this festival, you will also have the opportunity to see other interesting musical acts from any one of its five stages, with styles ranging from electronic to pop.

If you plan to stay this summer at our hotel GF Victoria ***** GL, you will also have the opportunity to attend other major festivals in Costa Adeje, such as the Summer Jam or Sunblast. Prepare your best festival outfits and come and enjoy the comfort of a five-star grand luxury hotel, while you have a great time at the best concerts in Tenerife.

Festivals Tenerife

Indie Spain at the Phe Festival

The independent bands are the stars of national festivals such as Benicássim, Low Festival or Arenal Sound. This date with indie music in Tenerife will take place on the 24th and 25th of August at the Phe Festival, in Puerto de la Cruz.

If independent rock and good lyrics are your thing, you can’t miss Depedro, Carolina Durante, Los Punsetes or Arizona Baby, who will bring the best of the current music scene to the island. You must see the interesting show of los canarios GAF and la estrella de la muerte, a journey of experimental sounds that will not leave any of the attendees indifferent.

Festivals Tenerife

A classic with a Brahms flavour, at the Auditorium of Tenerife

The end of the season is approaching, but the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra knows how to say goodbye in style. J. Brahms puts the German icing on a season full of classical music with the iconic piece ‘Un Requiem Alemán, OP.45‘, directed for the occasion by Antonio Méndez.

Santa Cruz says goodbye to its classical season, but also proposes other great musical events that you should not miss. The musical West Side Story (Leonard Bernstein), a star of Broadway, can also be seen at the Tenerife Auditorium between the 4th and 6th of July. This modern musical arrives in Tenerife in the hands of SOM Produce, responsible for other successes of the theatres of Madrid such as Billy Elliot, Priscilla or Cabaret. Undoubtedly, an opportunity to see one of our favourite musical works, without having to leave the island.

A tour around the Romerías of Tenerife

romerias tenerife

After the Carnival and Holy Week celebrations, the time for Tenerife’s Romerías (pilgrimages) officially begins. The comfortable temperatures and the beauty of the natural landscapes during the spring season, make it the perfect setting to enjoy these festivities, in which tradition is the main protagonist.

Originally, it had a religious context, in which the pilgrims would pay homage to the Saint of each municipality; but, in recent decades, the Romerías have acquired a much more festive and popular character. Undoubtedly, the atmosphere, the colour and the explosion of joy make these celebrations an essential date for anyone wanting to get to know the Canarian customs.

We assure you that if you experience a Romería, it will make you fall in love even more with Tenerife and its people. For this reason, we have decided to offer a selection of the Romerías which you shouldn´t miss. Get ready and prepare your typical costume and your glass of wine because we’re going for a tour around the Romerías of Tenerife.

Opening the season, in Tegueste

The festival of San Marcos provides the starting signal to the season of Romerías. Although Tegueste is a small municipality, the celebration in honour of its patron saint is one of the most popular on the island. It has a very good acceptance among the young people, but that does not mean it is less authentic. Instead, the atmosphere in every corner of the town is full of tradition and partying and there’s no reason to miss it. Bear in mind, this year the date has changed, and It will be celebrated a week later than other years due to the General Elections. In any case, if you also have the opportunity to go to Tegueste on the Monday after the Romería, we recommend that you visit the ‘’Carretero’s ’’; a day to admire the fantastic handcrafted carts decorated with seeds and cereals.

Tradition and more tradition, from La Orotava

Probably, there is not a more dignified municipality on the island than La Orotava. The town boasts one of the best-known Romerías of the Archipelago, in honour of San Isidro Labrador. The typical costumes vary from the bright red of the vests, to others such as yellow, white or deep green. The colours fill the whole environment and therefore this is the perfect way to get to know the folklore of the island. Keep in mind, however, that the local people value highly their traditions so, if you are going to dress in a typical costume, try to make your attire as authentic as possible. Not only is it important for locals, but it is a commitment to the Island’s own cultural heritage.

La Laguna: A city Romería

The second Sunday in July, the Romería of San Benito is celebrated in San Cristóbal de La Laguna. Although the Saint gives its name to just one neighbourhood in La Laguna, the entire city is involved in a way you have never seen before. Don´t be surprised to see herds of goats, sheep, donkeys, horses and oxen walking through streets where, on normal days, you would only see pedestrians pass by. If you want to live the full experience, don’t forget to stop by the ‘’baile de magos’’ (dance of the magicians) which is always celebrated on Friday night. There is no better way to get ready for the Romería.

Autumn Romería in San Miguel de Abona

If you are looking for a celebration in the south of Tenerife, closer to Hotel GF Victoria **** GL, we recommend this autumn celebration in honour of St. Michael the Archangel. You will find everything you would expect from a Romería: music, typical food, traditional costumes and an authentic atmosphere among the local people – something that perhaps has been lost in the better-known celebrations of the island. It is worth visiting this fun festival and why not take the opportunity to taste the excellent wines of the area.

Horses in the ocean: the unique Romería of Adeje

The Romería of San Sebastian is one of the most distinctive of the whole island and, best of all, it is celebrated in the same municipality in which our hotel is located. Although Adeje is a region that stands out for its relationship with the coast, the celebration is held in honour of the farmers’ patron. The moment when hundreds of riders go into the ocean on horseback will make your hair stand on end and it will surely remain in your memory as one of the best moments you have experienced in Tenerife. Undoubtedly, it is an essential experience.

Tenerife and its privileges climate: three seasons in a single day

Tenerife Climate

There are few places in the world as privileged as the island of Tenerife. Its meteorological and orographic conditions result in a succession of unique landscapes, where immense valleys, cinematic volcanic environments, dreamy beaches and lush forests can be found.

Many of our guests at GF Victoria ***** GL are interested in the possibilities offered by the island, so we can propose a one-day tour to experience first-hand the wonders of the Canarian microclimate and, of course, to discover some of the essential corners of Tenerife.

Teide winter

Snow on Mount Teide: the classic winter postcard

The road from our hotel to Teide National Park may be a little long, but we are sure it will be worth it. Ideally, leave early to take full advantage of the day (although, of course, don’t forget to stop by our Chaboco buffet to start the day with a good breakfast).

Declared a World Heritage Site in 2007, Mount Teide is a unique place, not to be missed during your stay in Tenerife. This immense area – almost extra-terrestrial – is a living witness of the intense volcanic activity that gave rise to an island full of contrasts and, of course, to what is currently the highest peak in Spain.

Precisely at this time of year, the coldest temperatures are recorded in the area and, sometimes, we can witness the snowfall that occurs right at the top. If you are lucky, you will see one of the most beautiful Winter scenes on Tenerife. Don’t forget to take warm clothes because in the Park temperatures drop very low, but we assure you that it will be an experience that you will not regret.

almond flower Tenerife

A walk among flowers and outdoor eating

The locals on the island know that, when travelling in Tenerife, it is sometimes necessary to carry both a winter coat and a bikini in the trunk. We know that the flowers of the almond tree are more typical of winter, but, if you have the opportunity to go to Santiago del Teide, you can experience a scene which rivals traditional Japanese and Korean gardens.

What’s more, the route of the almond trees in bloom combines this fantastic spectacle of nature with incredible views over the surrounding areas of Mount Teide. The green of some of its charming meadows and the flowering trees will make it feel like the experience of Spring in February.

But, if you’re looking to benefit from the excellent, mild temperatures of this area, you cannot miss tasting some local delicacies at any of the restaurants that are located on this side of the island. If you like fish, it is also an excellent opportunity to try typical dishes such as fried Vieja, Wreckfish, or Morena… and, of course, accompanying them with good wine and some wrinkled potatoes.

relax GF Victotria

Eternal summers at Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL

After a long day travelling across landscapes and through different seasons, your well-deserved rest awaits you back at Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL. As the day is based on enjoying the varied weather on the island, we invite you to leave your suite to enjoy the Costa Adeje sun.

Our facilities offer many options to disconnect in the outdoors and experience the sunny winter of south Tenerife. If you come as a family, we are sure that your children would love to take a dip in our pools; but if you are a couple, don’t forget to visit other spaces such as the naturist pool, the Air Bio-spa or Bar Chill Out Sky Zambra, where you can also taste our splendid cocktails whilst watching the sunset. Without a doubt, the best way to end a fantastic day on the island.

Carnival 2019: homemade costumes with recycled materials

tenerife carnival

Tenerife Carnival is the great annual event for party, colour and fantasy lovers. Over one month, the streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife – and other parts of the island – are filled with music, costumes and a festive atmosphere. The reputation that this celebration has acquired over decades, makes it one of the most famous carnivals in the world, along with other emblematic ones in Brazil, Venice or the Mardi Gras of New Orleans.

The very essence of Tenerife’s Carnival is in the atmosphere and the joy, not necessarily in evaluating who wears the most expensive costume. We can, however, talk about major events such as the final of the ‘’Murgas’’, the ‘’Comparsas’’ or the Carnival Queen Gala, in which the costumes are made with love and dedication; and for the party on the streets, creativity and recycling can always go together.

It’s not the first time that at Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL we announce our commitment to reduce waste and, therefore, we thought it was a good idea to continue to promote sustainability during carnival. Here are some ideas for costumes – for both children and adults – which are made only with recycled materials. It is the perfect opportunity to have the best time with family as well as elaborating these original costumes and teaching the values of sustainability to the little ones.

tenerife carnival

The fascinating world of cardboard

Who would have thought that some old boxes could help to produce creativity? Without a doubt, cardboard is the most affordable material you can find for your costumes and it offers many possibilities. The dinosaur has become a classic on the Internet, but we dare you to choose more risky options such as armour, masks, helmets or wings.

tenerife carnival

Why sew if you can do it with bags?

You are already aware of the problem that our planet is currently suffering from excess plastic waste. This is one of the reasons that has motivated GF Hotels to eradicate single-use plastics in our establishments, in the same way, it has also inspired us in the creation of fun carnival suggestions. Since childhood, all of us have made carnival costumes with rubbish bags, but the possibilities of colours and textures currently available on the market will allow us to make the funniest options. Benefit from other plastic materials such as straws, disposable spoons, duct tape or balloons for dresses, skirts and accessories. We assure you the final result will be a total success!

tenerife carnival

From Tenerife, to the deep sea

The central theme of the Tenerife Carnival 2019 is the deep sea, which means that there is a whole universe full of colour that can inspire you to make your own costume. This year the streets of Santa Cruz will be filled with jellyfish, sea horses, divers, octopuses … and even mermaids! And, as we told you earlier, the essence of carnival is in the party and not in how much you spend on the costume. Therefore, we can suggest some ideas for many things you can do with a few drink bottles, some old socks or paint and cardboard. Keep in mind that the aim of the party is to enjoy it -even more if it’s as a family- so don’t lose sleep over the elaboration of the costume, just worry about going out and having fun. Great moments are waiting for you at Tenerife’s Carnival!

6 plans to do in the south of Tenerife

plans to do in south tenerife

Discover 6 plans to do in South Tenerife. If there is something that characterizes Tenerife, it is the multitude of contrasts, landscapes and possibilities that it offers. Its pleasant climate, the unusual natural surroundings and a surprising gastronomy are just some of the factors that stand out recognized travel magazines such as National Geographic, Traveler or Viajar.

In this way, one of the most unknown areas is the area of ​​southern municipalities, where the Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL is located. Granadilla, San Miguel de Abona, Arona, Adeje or Vilaflor have a multitude of perfect experiences for those guests who want to know what to see in Tenerife south without making particularly long journeys. For this reason, today we propose six plans that you can not miss during your holidays:

Diving with turtles

Neither in Mexico nor in Australia. Spotting turtles from the seabed of Tenerife is an unparalleled experience and, to live it, you will only have to travel to Los Cristianos. In the area you will find many recommended companies that make these excursions, both in option of diving (for the most experienced), as well as snorkeling. During the session you will also have the opportunity to witness other native species of the islands and admire the fabulous backgrounds of this Tenerife’s coast.

Golf sessions, accompanied by the best weather

Nothing like enjoying a golf session, with the guarantee of a good climate to go without haste. Just two kilometers from our hotel, guests who love this sport can practice their swing in the professional golf course of Costa Adeje, a reference on the island. Every year a number of interested parties come to Tenerife to practice this game and the south has a multitude of specialized spaces, such as shops or parks to start with the Mini Golf.

Delicious guachinches, also in the south!

Traditionally, the guachinches of Tenerife have always been spaces for the sale of seasonal wine. In them it is possible to taste dishes of homemade food and they have always been considered as the best ambassadors of traditional Canarian cuisine. With the proliferation of wines from the south, such as those of the Abona region, there are many spaces that have been gaining popularity and have become exquisite references for tourists and locals. Discover all they have to offer and delight with their roasted meats, escaldones, wrinkled potatoes or cheeses with mojo.

Sunset with the family by El Médano

A picturesque fishing village, surfers that travel the horizon for most of the year and, of course, the perfect opportunity to enjoy family sunsets. El Médano is a place that invites to the walk and the cafes with long conversations by the sea. If you also prefer it, it is a great place to spend a day at the beach in an atmosphere that breathes very local and authentic airs.

Picture: Wild Canarias

Route to the Barranco del Infierno

Hiking is the king in Tenerife. It may seem that the island has limited kilometers, but what never ends are the routes and corners worth knowing. Starting from the town of Adeje, the Barranco del Infierno is one of the obligatory excursions for lovers of nature and outdoor activities. Your access is limited, so our recommendation is to book through the official website to ensure access to this wild adventure. Of course, do not forget to take extreme precautions and always follow the instructions so that your passage along the route is as respectful as possible with the surroundings.

Surfing in family, without leaving the GF Victoria ***** GL

Laughter and fun while riding endless waves in our surf pool… who can say no? There is no doubt that this is one of the mandatory experiences for your stay at our hotel. Live moments in family, accompanied by the best climate on the island, in an attraction suitable for both those who start as those who are already professionals. Do you dare to try

Making the most of the holidays before the return to school

Surely, many of you remember that first day back at school when all your classmates shared their holiday experiences. Trips to some fun destinations, family time, or the unforgettable long afternoons spent in the pool, are just some of the events and stories told.

Now that the return to school is approaching, we are sure that children who are lucky enough to spend their summer days at GF Victoria ***** GL, will have a myriad of memories and anecdotes to share. Distinction and luxury are concepts that are perfectly compatible with family trips and the definitive proof is all the special features that our guests can discover during their holidays.

Don’t say goodbye to Summer just yet

Is there anything more exciting than a last-minute break to finish off the summer in style? September may be the perfect time for your family holiday. The excellent temperatures offered by the south of Tenerife are ideal to enjoy a few days of sun and fun in one of the most exclusive establishments in the Adeje area.

The true essence of our hotel is defined by the families who come to visit us, from all points of the planet, specifically to enjoy the exclusive services we offer.

This exclusivity can be attributed to many factors, including our commitment to engaging in tourism in the most sustainable and responsible way.

At GF Hoteles we like to involve guests, so they can participate in some fun, socially- responsible actions of great educational value. The youngsters are the main protagonists in these games and workshops, which create memorable experiences to share with their classmates on their return to school.

Few establishments in Tenerife can boast of an offer as varied as that of GF Victoria ***** GL, with attractive and surprising propositions such as our own water park, a surf pool unique in the Canary Islands, an adventure zone with competitive activities, tree houses, zip lines and climbing wall and, of course, activities that encourage stimulation and learning.

And to give parents time to rest and discover more of the hotel facilities, we offer our Mini-Club, suitable for children from 10 months to 12 years old, where the little ones can discover a world of colour through fun games, songs and stories.

Making new friends

Friendships are frequently forged between the children who visit our hotel. Family holidays allow them to meet other children of all nationalities and share moments together in our swimming pools and entertainment areas. They can also enjoy the company of Gofi, our friendly GF Hoteles mascot, who we are sure will make them smile even more during their stay.

Of course, the youngest guests will also have the opportunity to discover more about the responsible values that GF Victoria ***** GL wishes to promote, with learning sessions about healthy eating and recycling methods. A perfect option to combine education and fun before going back to school.

The gastronomy of Tenerife: a select pairing for exacting palates

the gastronomy of tenerife

During him last visit to the islands, the gastronomic icon Ferrán Adriá declarated  that “Teneriffe have never had before the level of cousine that boast in the present”. When  which was the New York Times cover in 2003 has declarated of this type and pass him stay praising the cualitity the gastronomic clasics like viejas or papas arrugadas, we know that we are in a site with a lot of things to contribute to the cuisine level.

The gastronomic essence of Tenerife is, above all, a big unknow. Few people are aware that the island have currently with a total of six Michelin stars, result of the work for make publish a simple cuisine, combinate with the creative capacity that characterize the people of the islands. It is this ambition to make the foodstuff wich would give rise to, in scarcity epoch, a traditional cuisine like vegetable soups, jareas, toasted gofio, stew, or ropa vieja, wich are already part of Cultural Heritage of Tenerife.

Precisely, the challenge of last years have well-balanced to offer the appropriate form to this traditional flavours and achieve an autentic author cuisine. The technology progress, the tecniques change, the profession formalize, and the access of stranger and more exclusive products are increasingly possible. That is how Tenerife can brag currently of a cutting-edge gastronomic panorama, that never fails to delight to the crowd of visitors that arrive each year to the island.

In our agreement of support the traditional cuisine, from GF Victoria ***** GL we encourage all our guests to taste the canary menu available in our Donaire Restaurant. This great culinary establishment destined to the author kitchen is inspired by canary flavours for offer dishes as attractive as smoked cuttlefish with green mojo ‘pil pil’, pork cheeks of black pig, beetroot soil, goats cheese and ‘bonitas’ potatoes creamy or the classic ‘quesillo’ reinvented with fruit flavours and traditional saffron.

Canary is a land that grows wines too, so for live the complete experience we recommend you allow advise by our staff, which will give you the best suggestions for take our delightful proposal. You do not forget that we take you the opportunity of finish your evening out with our delicious cocktails, along with some of the better models of the mixology of the islands. This is a opportunity to discover the flavours of our land and enjoyed with the talent of our kitchen and bar staff.

Meet the exclusive mixologists of the GF Victoria ***** GL: Paul Dierick

The world of cocktails is one of the most exciting that exist. The art of mixing flavors and giving a drink that evokes sensations of all kinds is something that only the most qualified people are capable of handling. In our eagerness to have the best experts to ensure a full experience at the Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL, we have authentic teachers, ready to develop the most exquisite and innovative drinks.

We have decided to talk with Paul Dierick to know his impressions of the new stage in our hotel and discover a little more about everything that’s hidden behind him. He’s also talked about the awards that recognize his ability to offer the best cocktails to our guests and his best anecdotes within the profession

“The guest of the GF Victoria ***** GL is going to be very lucky to try our cocktails”

Native from Belgium, Paul Dierick has lived in Tenerife for 15 years. Witness of the evolution that this modality has had in the island in the last years, reveals that “the quality has increased enough. Today there are many options and modalities, as well as an author’s cocktails that we can not see anywhere else in the world”.

Paul is willing to show his best profile as a bartender at the GF Victoria ***** GL and his characteristic Fancy style. “I think what you never have to lose is the classical essence,” he says. With a very sophisticated touch, Paul will make our guests enjoy the best version of the so-called international cocktail bar. Mojitos, Daiquiris, Manhattans, Martinis… there’s nothing that can resist this firm defender of the well-understood classical technique and current member of the Association of Barmans of Tenerife.

About the new stage that faces in our hotel, Dierick is very excited. “The guest of GF Victoria will be very lucky to come and have our service exclusively. He’ll feel very comfortable and will be able to try very different options and, of course, healthier -in the event that they want it- “. Whether you are strong flavors or if you prefer something sweet, fruity or even alcohol-free, Paul will be able to make the best recommendations so that the stay at our hotel remains unforgettable.

If your experience as a guarantee of quality isn’t enough, it’s necessary to mention all the prizes you have received since 2013, when you decided to start competing. First prize in the Ron Diplomatic World Tour, first prize in Gin Tonic, Classical Cocktail, Cocktails without alcohol and technique in GastroCanarias, as well as several prizes in championships of the islands complement its extensive curriculum. “This week they have come to test my proposal for the World Class, the most important prize in the whole world, and the truth is that the level is very high. In the coming months I plan to participate in several competitions here in the Canary Islands, first in Puerto de la Cruz, another in Las Palmas … “

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