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Vacations for gamers at GF Victoria


The world of gaming, or videogames, is currently experiencing a real boom. Far are the years of Pacman, Super Mario Bros and the Tetris of the Game Boy that accompanied many of us during our childhood. And, with the arrival of 3D, online games or augmented reality alternatives for mobile devices, the landscape has evolved […]

Essential dates on the Tenerife cultural calendar

Cultural calendar Tenerife

The inevitable return to the autumn routine is easier to take when we have leisure activities to stimulate our senses. The Tenerife cultural calendar for the coming months is full of interesting propositions, suitable for all ages and budgets. Our island has always made a great commitment to leisure and culture, either through recognized music […]

Canarian Fashion: trends from volcanoes to the ocean

Moda Canaria

The Canaries continuously inspire creation. Their interesting natural contrasts, the talent present on the islands and the support of local institutions have given rise to the formation of canarian fashion (Canarian style) as an entity with its own personality. Freshness, colour, sustainability and a clear inspiration from the characteristic elements of the Islands, mark this […]

The musical dates you shouldn’t miss this summer

Festivales Tenerife

Summer is synonymous with music festivals and in Tenerife we cannot be exempt. During the coming months, some of the best singers and bands of national and international reference, will attend the diverse musical events of the island and we can’t wait to see them. From north to south, the festivals of Tenerife offer options […]

A tour around the Romerías of Tenerife

romerias tenerife

After the Carnival and Holy Week celebrations, the time for Tenerife’s Romerías (pilgrimages) officially begins. The comfortable temperatures and the beauty of the natural landscapes during the spring season, make it the perfect setting to enjoy these festivities, in which tradition is the main protagonist. Originally, it had a religious context, in which the pilgrims […]

Tenerife and its privileges climate: three seasons in a single day

Tenerife Climate

There are few places in the world as privileged as the island of Tenerife. Its meteorological and orographic conditions result in a succession of unique landscapes, where immense valleys, cinematic volcanic environments, dreamy beaches and lush forests can be found. Many of our guests at GF Victoria ***** GL are interested in the possibilities offered […]

Carnival 2019: homemade costumes with recycled materials

tenerife carnival

Tenerife Carnival is the great annual event for party, colour and fantasy lovers. Over one month, the streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife – and other parts of the island – are filled with music, costumes and a festive atmosphere. The reputation that this celebration has acquired over decades, makes it one of the most […]

6 plans to do in the south of Tenerife

plans to do in south tenerife

Discover 6 plans to do in South Tenerife. If there is something that characterizes Tenerife, it is the multitude of contrasts, landscapes and possibilities that it offers. Its pleasant climate, the unusual natural surroundings and a surprising gastronomy are just some of the factors that stand out recognized travel magazines such as National Geographic, Traveler […]

Making the most of the holidays before the return to school

Surely, many of you remember that first day back at school when all your classmates shared their holiday experiences. Trips to some fun destinations, family time, or the unforgettable long afternoons spent in the pool, are just some of the events and stories told. Now that the return to school is approaching, we are sure […]

The gastronomy of Tenerife: a select pairing for exacting palates

the gastronomy of tenerife

During him last visit to the islands, the gastronomic icon Ferrán Adriá declarated  that “Teneriffe have never had before the level of cousine that boast in the present”. When  which was the New York Times cover in 2003 has declarated of this type and pass him stay praising the cualitity the gastronomic clasics like viejas […]