Live the lifestyle concept of GF Victoria with a SPA day

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The experience offered by Victoria Biospa, a spa specially designed for lovers of well-being, is unique. An oasis of peace within a restful paradise that is our Hotel GF Victoria, in Costa Adeje, where holidays are lived in a different way.

When we decide to take a few days of relaxation and the body is asking us to disconnect, we offer personalized treatments, hydrotherapy and authentic beauty rituals and rehabilitation, for a gift for the body and, above all, the mind.

A spa day helps you relax, disconnect, recharge, detoxify and beautify body and soul.

Would you like us to give you some reasons to start dreaming about a wonderful spa day at GF Victoria?

  • BEAUTY | From head to toe, the benefits in terms of beauty offered by our personalized treatments, massages, saunas and thermal circuits are innumerable: the skin improves and looks brighter and smoother. You will notice the body is more toned and you will eliminate liquids. The general well-being you feel will make you smile and that, of course, is the most beautiful reward of all.
  • HEALTH | As the body relaxes, muscle and joint pains are mitigated; the flexibility of the muscles increases and blood circulation is improved. In addition, a spa session helps to prevent tiredness and insomnia.
  • REHABILITATION | In our spa we can help you fight ailments through a wide range of alternative therapies, with the aim of relieving pain or unblocking problem areas and specific injuries.
  • PLEASURE | Serotonin is responsible for making the mind and body “feel good;” when you have a spa experience, you harmonize both and that triggers a pleasant state of being.
  • HAPPINESS | Of course, happiness is a very personal feeling that depends on tastes or situations, but our body is able to produce a series of hormones that have essential functions for wellness: we talk about endorphins, and activities such as massage, hydrotherapy, steam baths or saunas, as well as sunbathing or practicing yoga, for releasing them and promoting a state of calm and well-being, counteracting the high levels of adrenaline associated with anxiety.

When will you come and discover it?

Photo by Haley Phelps on Unsplash
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