Holidays for children are a joyful event. Uninterrupted time shared with their family is something that all kids yearn for, but at GF VICTORIA ***** GL we also have some surprises in store for them. We love the idea of helping children have new experiences. So they can enjoy unique and fun-filled moments while you yourself take a rest.

Your little ones have spaces designed just for them: swimming pools, activities in various mini-clubs and attractions categorised by age. Teens, who are now old enough to take on challenges, whether through technology or extreme sports, also have many possibilities that are sure not to disappoint.

Surf Pool

For lovers of extreme sports, our water park offers an amazing surf experience. It’s a unique opportunity to confront the power of water and ride the crest of a wave on a board in our pool. You’ll be surprised and thrilled to experience it. Here the sun and beach destination takes on a new sense of adventure when you live life to the rhythm of the waves.

Water park

GF VICTORIA ***** GL provides kids with an exciting and fun way to cool off by rocketing down various slides, always under the supervision of professionals. Once they try it, they just want to repeat it!

Has hammocks service.

Tree houses

Who doesn’t get excited about the idea of spending a fun day at the top of a tree? Our tree houses are a wonderful way to enjoy a high-level experience and have many adventures. Climbing them is magical, but coming down again via the zipline systems is the dream of every child. Here you can make it happen!

Adventure zone

For kids who want to experience the most intense thrills, GF VICTORIA ***** GL has an adventure zone composed of a zipline and climbing wall to hone their powers of concentration, tone their body, increase their muscular force and overcome the void with strength and willpower. If these new styles of entertainment are your thing, you’re sure to be thrilled.


Once upon a time there was a magical place, where the little ones always wanted to play. Full of colours, music and adventures, although they cannot read, they will learn with speed. In their charge, caregivers transmitting joy and tenderness because they are young and dreamers. Daddy and Mummy are happy to rest, while the children tell a tale with zest. Games, dances and incredible stories are just examples of what they will come to see. In better hands they could not be!

Ages: 10 months – 12 years.

 To guarantee availability of your place, we recommend reserving minimum 24hrs in advance.

Rules of use for the playgrounds


(Pool 1, with 3 slides)

Slide 1: Open slide

Slide 2: Double lane slide.

Slide 3: Closed body slide

In these 3 aquatic slides children’s access is permitted from 6 years of age and over 1.20 m. in height.



(Pool 2, for babies)

  • Extra wide slide
  • Kids slide
  • Rain palm
  • Beach tent slide
  • Bucket game
  • Second kids slide

In the aquatic games mentioned above it is recommended for children in between the ages of 2 and 6.

SURF POOL, for children above the age of 10 and taller than 1.20m.

  • Minigolf: For all ages.
  • Multisport: For all ages.
  • Kids Park: From 4 to 13 years of age.
  • Adventure:

Climbing Wall and suspention bridge (tree houses); permitted from the age of 4, children which are between the ages of 4 and 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

Level 1: From 4 years of age.

Level 2: From 6 years of age.

Level 3: From 13 years of age.

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