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Carnival 2019: homemade costumes with recycled materials

Tenerife Carnival is the great annual event for party, colour and fantasy lovers. Over one month, the streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife – and other parts of the island – are filled with music, costumes and a festive atmosphere. The reputation that this celebration has acquired over decades, makes it one of the most famous carnivals in the world, along with other emblematic ones in Brazil, Venice or the Mardi Gras of New Orleans.

The very essence of Tenerife’s Carnival is in the atmosphere and the joy, not necessarily in evaluating who wears the most expensive costume. We can, however, talk about major events such as the final of the ‘’Murgas’’, the ‘’Comparsas’’ or the Carnival Queen Gala, in which the costumes are made with love and dedication; and for the party on the streets, creativity and recycling can always go together.

It’s not the first time that at Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL we announce our commitment to reduce waste and, therefore, we thought it was a good idea to continue to promote sustainability during carnival. Here are some ideas for costumes – for both children and adults – which are made only with recycled materials. It is the perfect opportunity to have the best time with family as well as elaborating these original costumes and teaching the values of sustainability to the little ones.

Carnaval tenerife 2 1

The fascinating world of cardboard

Who would have thought that some old boxes could help to produce creativity? Without a doubt, cardboard is the most affordable material you can find for your costumes and it offers many possibilities. The dinosaur has become a classic on the Internet, but we dare you to choose more risky options such as armour, masks, helmets or wings.

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Why sew if you can do it with bags?

You are already aware of the problem that our planet is currently suffering from excess plastic waste. This is one of the reasons that has motivated GF Hotels to eradicate single-use plastics in our establishments, in the same way, it has also inspired us in the creation of fun carnival suggestions. Since childhood, all of us have made carnival costumes with rubbish bags, but the possibilities of colours and textures currently available on the market will allow us to make the funniest options. Benefit from other plastic materials such as straws, disposable spoons, duct tape or balloons for dresses, skirts and accessories. We assure you the final result will be a total success!

Carnaval tenerife 1

From Tenerife, to the deep sea

The central theme of the Tenerife Carnival 2019 is the deep sea, which means that there is a whole universe full of colour that can inspire you to make your own costume. This year the streets of Santa Cruz will be filled with jellyfish, sea horses, divers, octopuses … and even mermaids! And, as we told you earlier, the essence of carnival is in the party and not in how much you spend on the costume. Therefore, we can suggest some ideas for many things you can do with a few drink bottles, some old socks or paint and cardboard. Keep in mind that the aim of the party is to enjoy it -even more if it’s as a family- so don’t lose sleep over the elaboration of the costume, just worry about going out and having fun. Great moments are waiting for you at Tenerife’s Carnival!