Everything you need to know to enjoy your group trips

Group trips have multiple advantages, but they can also become a headache. It seems that when a certain age is reached, the day-to-day obligations, the children, the relationship and the impossibility of organizing dates, prevent you from taking those holidays among friends that you have enjoyed for so many years.

Nothing could be further from the truth … the reality is that good organization can make your group trips go ahead in the most satisfactory way. At GF Victoria ***** GL, we are firm defenders of sharing experiences in the best company, which is why we would like to propose some tips to rediscover these great moments between friends.

Tips to organize your group trips

Bachelor parties, short breaks, getaways with other couples, holidays for children to play with your friends’ children, or simply a journey for laughter and adventure among old acquaintances. There are many pretexts that can be used to make organized group trips, so be encouraged to propose a break with friends and make a note of all these tips that we offer.


  • Don’t waste your time waiting for everyone

How many trips will have been lost because you cannot gather together your whole group of friends? Sometimes it’s impossible to bring them all together at one time. It’s no problem to decide to make your trip with just a few of them and organize something else with the rest on another occasion.

  • Plan holidays in advance and decide on the dates as soon as possible

If you have assumed the role of organizer, it is best to determine a definite date and communicate this to the others. This will allow them to make room in their diaries and confirm as soon as possible.

  • Designate the type of trip: with children or without children

It’s great to see how children get together with those of your friends and create bonds during the holidays; however, we also understand parents and know that sometimes they need a break. Establishments such as GF Victoria ***** GL can guarantee plans for both options, with spaces dedicated entirely to the smallest members of the family, as well as areas specifically for the use of adults only.

  • Use applications specializing in group expenses

It is common to create a joint fund for the expenses that arise on each trip, but there are times when the division can be complicated. There are numerous applications for this purpose which, with a simple calculation, tell you how much money you owe to one person or another depending on the expenses incurred. However, we also recommend other interesting options, such as taking advantage of the Full Board offered by our hotel when making your reservation.


GF Victoria***** GL with friends

The suites of GF Victoria***** GL can be a great option when booking group trips, offering the most exclusive services. With rooms occupying from 2 to 4 people and custom amenities, they are ideal for weekend getaways and short breaks.

In addition, with the 5% discount we offer to Canarian residents and the different possibilities for relaxation and enjoyment in our hotel, we have become a true haven of peace for groups of friends who need a few days to disconnect from the routine.

Start planning your holiday with friends now and enjoy all the advantages of booking directly with us. We are waiting for you!