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  • Francisco Expósito: “In Donaire we always give priority to the flavours of the islands”

Francisco Expósito: “In Donaire we always give priority to the flavours of the islands”

Donaire is creativity, fusion and Canarian flavours at their most splendid. With some of the most privileged views from Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL, our à la carte restaurant par excellence offers an unprecedented gastronomic experience and its principal architect goes by the name of Francisco Expósito.

His training comes from superior cooking tutelage carried out in Tenerife, but at GF Hoteles we have witnessed his evolution as a hotel professional thanks to his experience of more than 16 years at GF Gran Costa Adeje, as well as for his innate desire for improvement and curiosity. His technical and creative advances culminate today in his work as Head Chef at restaurant Donaire.

His insistence on including Canarian ingrediants is reflected in his words as much as in his kitchen; “at Donaire we like to respect ‘what we have here’ and we always give priority to the flavours of the Islands,” says our Head Chef. He assures us that Canarian products do not limit his creativity and clarifies that “although I like to work with the wonderful Canarian products, this doesn´t mean I have to stop creating other types of cuisine. I prefer to work with native marinades and give diners something they can remember in our gastronomy.”

And obviously, in a restaurant where visitors from all five continents come to visit, the responsibility for promoting our flavours is even greater. “I have always been very clear that, although we work with external tourism, the objective is to show guests and customers what we do in the Islands. This is what we will defend and we don´t apologise for doing what we know, but we teach a gastronomy that, for me,  is spectacular.”

“Canarian gastronomy has grown in importance over the years … now more than ever”

The capability of Francisco Expósito is only surpassed by the passion he places in each of his dishes. As the architect and author of the new concept of the Donaire Restaurant, our chef suggests two types of menus for the Autumn-Winter season. “Right now, we have the Victoria Menu, composed of nine dishes; and the Donaire Menu, which has six dishes. Our intention is to respect the products as much as possible, without having to spoil them and, of course, to offer something special which hints that there is someone from the Canary Islands behind each creation”.

Last month, Expósito had the opportunity to participate in the well-known radio program Tajaraste, on the SER channel, where he was able to talk in depth about the new Donaire menu and the gastronomic panorama of the Islands. “The Canary Island specialities have been growing in importance over the years …  now more than ever. Some references of the islands, such as Víctor Suárez (Haydeé Restaurant) or the Padrón brothers (El rincón de Juan Carlos), have made presentations at such prestigious events as San Sebastián Gastronomika. This really means something. ”


“There is no need to implement so many innovative techniques because, sometimes, it gives rise to confusion”

“I’ve always considered myself a very restless person and I try to keep up to date with the latest in the world of cooking,” says the chef. “One of the advantages that I have to be working in this company is that they are committed to training. During the time I have been at the Fedola Group, I have had the opportunity to attend reference congresses such as Madrid Fusión, which is attended by the best chefs in the country. ”

Although, indeed, his interest in the advances and trends is very broad, Francisco Expósito does not let himself be easily conquered by the multitude of passing fashions that arise daily in this area. “A year ago, there was a boom for fermentations and everyone wanted to do them. They are pretty good … you try them and, if they look good, you incorporate them into your restaurant’s dishes. What we try to do at Donaire is to highlight the product and cook it as well possible. We don´t need to implement so many new techniques because, sometimes, it leads to confusion. “