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Get started with yoga in Tenerife: a unique opportunity

Have you thought about getting started with yoga in Tenerife? This is not the first time that we have talked to you about the excellent health benefits of practicing this discipline. It is shown that it helps reactivate energy, releases endorphins and keeps the body in shape without resorting to impact or potentially harmful exercises. Yoga is capable of connecting body and mind like you have never experienced before. Our island is the ideal place for you to receive your first lessons.

Since its opening, the hotel GF Victoria ***** GL, has a commitment to active holidays and healthy habits, and promotes oriental disciplines such as yoga, meditation and Chi-kung. The excellent climatic conditions of Costa Adeje along with our Japanese Garden, which boasts some of the best views in the area, form the ideal setting to start yoga in Tenerife.


Yoga in Tenerife: Your first lessons

Whether it’s the first time you are practicing yoga, or you are already an expert in the field, you should know that our team of professionals is able to adapt to the needs of each of our guests. The premise with which you must go to our classes is, first, to know that you are going to enjoy a good time and that this may be the beginning of a long relationship with the world of yoga and meditation.

Outdoor yoga is one of the activities most appreciated by our guests, so, if you dare to try, we recommend you follow these tips:

  • Always opt for comfortable and fresh clothes so that your movements are as liberating as possible.
  • Do not forget sun protection. The days can be especially sunny in the central hours of the day, so you should best protect yourself for a perfect yoga experience in Tenerife.
  • Focus especially on breathing, but let yourself go for the moment of relaxation. When you least expect it, it will happen naturally.
  • Don’t worry if your flexibility is not the best in the world. It will improve little by little everyday until          you can achieve all movements.
  • You are on holiday, so forget all negative thoughts and just concentrate on relaxing and enjoying the incredible views of La Gomera.

Yoga in Tenerife

Measured Eating

No one but you knows your limitations and how some foods or others affect you before playing sports. There are new eating plans such as intermittent fasting, which are increasingly widespread. In fact, it is very common to find guests who start their yoga routine without eating anything at all.

Not everyone has the same willpower and, we repeat, each person knows their own body; however, our recommendation is to avoid copious meals before this type of activity because it is quite likely that you won’t enjoy them as they deserve to be enjoyed. Our Chaboco Buffet Restaurant, for example, includes healthy options such as cereals, yogurts, fruit and proteins with which you can satisfy your appetite without feeling especially full.