How to organize the perfect wedding in Tenerife

The perfect wedding in Tenerife, one of the most important days of your life … and how difficult it is to organize it!

As our wedding manager, Irene Cormenzana, says “in GF we personalize all weddings to fulfill the wishes of each couple, from the decoration to other services such as the design of the stationery, the catering organization, the nightclub or whatever else they wish to have “. For this reason, from the Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL we have proposed to explain how to organize a wedding in six simple steps:

perfect wedding in Tenerife

First steps to organise your perfect wedding in Tenerife

  1. Your style defines everything.

The most important thing about your wedding is to combine it with your personality. Our intention is to make everything that the couple has planned, whether they want a fairytale wedding with luxurious centerpieces, or if they prefer a simpler or even thematic celebration. The main thing is that the protagonists feel identified and that the final result represents their style.

  1. Choose with head your guests

The type of wedding is also decisive when it comes to knowing the number of guests you want to count. Do you want something intimate with those closest to you or do you prefer a party in style? Our hotel has the capacity to host events of the magnitude that you desire and our exclusive suites will be the perfect option for all those who decide to spend the night in our establishment, after the great celebration.

  1. Date and space: no worries at the GF Victoria ***** GL

If there is something that can benefit the weddings in Tenerife is the excellent climate we have for most of the year. The choice of dates is essential to work with time, but not to worry about the time. If you choose to get married at Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL, mild temperatures are almost guaranteed. Similarly, there are many who come to Feboda to be interested in farms for weddings in Tenerife, so we recommend going through our hotel and know all the possibilities offered by our facilities. There is nothing more romantic than an outdoor event, with our splendid swimming pools in the surroundings and the attention to detail that all the guests will receive thanks to our staff.

perfect wedding in Tenerife

  1. The flavors that you like the most

Are you one of those who want your guests to enjoy a good meal? Nothing like the services of our kitchen team to make the choice of catering is the most appropriate. Weddings in the Canary Islands always boast an excellent cuisine and, thanks to the work of our experts, in your case it will not be less. Whether you are looking for traditional flavors or if you like the most avant-garde dishes, or even if you have come up with the wedding cake of your dreams and do not know where to find it, we will always give you the most appropriate formula to win your guests.

  1. Mark the difference

After a long time organizing weddings, our advice as experts is that you always bet on the details. The decoration, the gifts for guests, the choice of your ideal dress or knowing with certainty what song to open the dance are just some of the factors that will make your special day unforgettable.

  1. The photos you always wanted

The multitude of spaces that the Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL has makes it the perfect place for a wedding shooting of the most inspiring. If you also find sleep in search of a wedding photographer in Tenerife, you just have to tell our team of Feboda and we will recommend you to the best ones, depending on your budget. The memories of such a special day are fundamental and nothing would please us more than to accompany you and be part of this process.