Keys to responsible tourism

Keys to travel and practice responsible tourism

Responsible tourism is already a reality, especially on the island of Tenerife where sustainability has become a priority.

The battle against plastics, the consequences of not recycling, worldwide efforts to reduce pollutant emissions, or the rise of movements against climate change, have been a turning point. Society is more aware than ever about responsible practices and, of course, during holidays there should be no exception.

An island such as Tenerife which holds so many natural wonders in so little space, is an ideal location for the practice of sustainable policies. Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL is an example of this evolution towards responsible tourism, with a strong commitment to sustainability that has resulted in the hotel obtaining the ISO 21401 certification for all hotels of the GF Hotels chain. This makes it the first hotel chain in Europe to achieve this seal of environmental quality, and the third worldwide.

Our environmental awareness translates into a commitment to the future of Tenerife, so if you are thinking of enjoying your holiday on our island in the most respectful way, we can tell you about the keys for reducing your carbon footprint as much as possible.


Keys to responsible tourism:

Responsible tourism in Tenerife

Respect for the environment, the lives of local people and their livelihoods must be a priority for the practice of responsible tourism. Tenerife has a multitude of attractions suitable for all tastes, especially in nature, so we offer a selection of the most sustainable recommendations that we invite you to try:

  • Use sustainable transport whenever you can

There is nothing like enjoying the wonders of Tenerife on a bicycle, so Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL offers guests a ‘Cycling Center’, which allows them to rent the necessary equipment for departures on two wheels. Also, whenever you can, it is advisable to use public transport in order to reduce emissions from cars as much as possible; or find a company that allows you to rent a hybrid or electric car.

  • Don’t let your passage through the environment be evidenced

Frequently, images of beaches appear in the news on which users have made small stone towers; these can have a serious impact on the development of the ecosystem. Let’s avoid these practices by being very respectful of flora and fauna and, of course, forget about taking home mementos of beaches such as stones, shells or other natural items.

  • Think biodegradable and recycle your waste

Plastics have become a threat to our oceans, and without doubt, the fault lies in poor waste management. Whenever you can, use reusable materials for your daily life, such as water bottles from GF Hotels, and opt for completely biodegradable snacks for your trips to natural areas, ie. fruit, vegetables or nuts, which do not involve any contamination of the environment.

  • Consume vegan and local

This does not mean you have to practice a model of vegan food for life, but we would like to mention that there are studies that relate meat consumption to climate change. In different areas of our hotel you will find complete vegetable options, as tasty as any omnivorous dish. They will not only help you take care of yourself, but also practice more sustainable consumption. Similarly, do not forget to count on local businesses when buying products such as bananas, tomatoes or vegetables, which are all prevalent in the Canary Islands

Keys to responsible tourism