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Luxury in Tenerife: 6 experiences that you can not miss

We know that the guest of the Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL is especially demanding with their holiday destinations. Tenerife offers a series of the most exclusive experiences, perfect to get to know the island in the most comfortable way and return home with recharged batteries. We always insist on the amount of possibilities that can be found on the island by all the visitors that arrive every year from all corners of the world: beach, mountain, culture, gastronomy and much more. However, as we understand that the concept of ‘great luxury’ of our hotel is extendable to all your holidays on the island, we have selected a series of plans to make your stay even more memorable:


Flying over the highest peak in Spain

Stop dreaming about those New York helicopter rides of your favorite romantic comedy and give a chance to the nature spectacle. Only the most privileged can live the experience of flying over the peak of Teide, so we think it is the perfect plan to make as a couple or simply to have the best memories of your hoildays on the island. You will also have the chance to see other key points of the south of Tenerife from the heights, such as La Caleta, Playa San Juan or Puerto Santiago. Do not forget to send us a photo if you can see our hotel from a bird’s eye view.


Outdoor wellness

Our hotel is designed to guarantee the greatest well-being to any of our guests, without crowds and in an environment of absolute relaxation. Enjoy a relaxing massage at the top of our establishment is one of the essential plans of your stay. We encourage you to come and discover our Air Bio-Spa, relax in complete privacy and see the true meaning of the term Grand Luxury.


Impressive cliffs, from an exclusive catamaran

The cliffs of Los Gigantes are among the great natural gems of the island of Tenerife. It is one of the coastal slopes that most arouses the interest of tourists, especially for its wonderful views and the immensity of the ocean in which many have the opportunity to bathe. And, from our point of view, there is no better plan to spend an entire day aboard an exclusive catamaran or a sailboat, enjoying these fantastic formations, sunbathing and taking a dip. You will not regret it!


Disconnecting in the Harmony suite

Without a doubt, when we talk about luxury we have to refer to our great Harmony Suite. This coquettish refuge offers all the necessary services for the best awakening, with all the services to help you find that haven of peace that you need. Fundamental: a relaxing bath in your fabulous bathtub or in your outdoor Jacuzzi. We are sure that you will stay with the desire, to repeat.

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Five denominations of origin with much to tell

In itself, the fact that Tenerife’s wine production is so limited is a luxury for those who are accustomed to Riojas and Chardonnays. On the island we have five denominations full of peculiarities, but in general they are characterized by being young wines, with an intense flavor and faithful reflections of the interesting climate of Tenerife.

Starry nights, like you’ve never seen them

The Teide National Park is one of the most privileged environments for the observation of the sky. It is not surprising that the observatory of the Astrophysical Institute of the Canary Islands is located there, one of the reference places in the world for astronomical research. If you want to admire the beauty of the stars in all their splendor, we recommend that you choose one of the many excursions available to ascend the Teide by night. An interesting option is the one that includes a cocktail dinner by the hand of chef Erlantz Gorostiza, awarded with two Michelin stars. We are sure that this unforgettable experience will be the icing on the cake of your holidays in Tenerife.