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Relax without your swimsuit: discover our naturist zone

Getting out of your comfort zone is an often-heard premise among the millennial generation. What we can learn from these fans of Instagram, travel and technology, is that we should seize opportunities when they are presented, and we are sure that holidays offer the perfect time to put this approach to the test.

At a time when sustainable habits are providing a much more organic way of understanding the environment, it is not surprising that experts are already talking about the health benefits of nudism. According to the newspaper El País, more than two million people practice nudism in our country  – both Spanish and foreigners – and establishments and businesses catering to this demographic are on rise. The experts are clear on this point: the psychological and social advantages are multiple, and we tell you why.


Naturist Tenerife

When you sense a sufficiently private and relaxed atmosphere, such as in the south of Tenerife, you feel even more like enjoying a ‘natural’ dip and so move to the beaches designed for this purpose. Tenerife counts on many special areas for nudists: La Tejita in El Médano; Las Gaviotas or Benijo in the Anaga area; or El Bollullo, on the north coast; these are just some of the best-known examples.

The privileged climate of Tenerife, added to the privacy offered by these hidden spaces, is the reason why many naturists have been choosing our natural surroundings for decades. It has been shown that relaxing without your swimsuit can help to reduce stress and this is accepted more everyday by society as a whole.


Privacy and relaxation at GF Victoria ***** GL

Privacy is a determining factor when it comes to practicing naturism and the guests of GF Victoria***** GL are in luck. For those who love to relax without clothes, the hotel puts at their disposal a cosy space with spectacular views, and a pool where tranquillity is more than guaranteed.

This communion with nature also offers the most comfortable environment, which is why this area has become a must for our guests. It provides a 17m2 heated pool for maximum comfort, and its location is close to other places of interest in the hotel such as the solariums with Balinese beds or our fantastic Air Bio-spa, where you can receive a relaxing massage.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this text … to experience new things is almost always a wise decision, so we encourage you to try something new during your stay at our hotel and discover your most natural self during your holiday.