The gastronomy of Tenerife: a select pairing for exacting palates

During him last visit to the islands, the gastronomic icon Ferrán Adriá declarated  that “Teneriffe have never had before the level of cousine that boast in the present”. When  which was the New York Times cover in 2003 has declarated of this type and pass him stay praising the cualitity the gastronomic clasics like viejas or papas arrugadas, we know that we are in a site with a lot of things to contribute to the cuisine level.

The gastronomic essence of Tenerife is, above all, a big unknow. Few people are aware that the island have currently with a total of six Michelin stars, result of the work for make publish a simple cuisine, combinate with the creative capacity that characterize the people of the islands. It is this ambition to make the foodstuff wich would give rise to, in scarcity epoch, a traditional cuisine like vegetable soups, jareas, toasted gofio, stew, or ropa vieja, wich are already part of Cultural Heritage of Tenerife.

Precisely, the challenge of last years have well-balanced to offer the appropriate form to this traditional flavours and achieve an autentic author cuisine. The technology progress, the tecniques change, the profession formalize, and the access of stranger and more exclusive products are increasingly possible. That is how Tenerife can brag currently of a cutting-edge gastronomic panorama, that never fails to delight to the crowd of visitors that arrive each year to the island.


In our agreement of support the traditional cuisine, from GF Victoria ***** GL we encourage all our guests to taste the canary menu available in our Donaire Restaurant. This great culinary establishment destined to the author kitchen is inspired by canary flavours for offer dishes as attractive as smoked cuttlefish with green mojo ‘pil pil’, pork cheeks of black pig, beetroot soil, goats cheese and ‘bonitas’ potatoes creamy or the classic ‘quesillo’ reinvented with fruit flavours and traditional saffron.

Canary is a land that grows wines too, so for live the complete experience we recommend you allow advise by our staff, which will give you the best suggestions for take our delightful proposal. You do not forget that we take you the opportunity of finish your evening out with our delicious cocktails, along with some of the better models of the mixology of the islands. This is a opportunity to discover the flavours of our land and enjoyed with the talent of our kitchen and bar staff.