10 reasons to choose GF Victoria*****GL

In our new hotel GF VICTORIA*****GL , we are finalizing the last details in preparation for the grand opening and we can´t wait for it to arrive. Conceived as a place of great innovation, we want you to discover, little by little, all the features and experiences which are available.

For all those who have not yet decided to live the experience in GF Victoria ***** GL, we offer a selection of 10 reasons why you should choose our hotel.

  1. A luxury location

Costa Adeje, one of the most attractive areas on the island of Tenerife, is home to this impressive establishment. With nearby services of all kinds, such as supermarkets, shopping centres with the most stylish shops, restaurants and bars, as well as the most iconic spots in the area; ideal for posting your photos on Instagram. And if what you are really looking for is a beach, you should know that you can enjoy the white sand and the clean waters of Playa del Duque just five minutes away.

  1. Eco Holidays

Sustainable tourism is a fundamental premise of GF Victoria ***** GL with a declaration of intentions to offer a totally new concept in hotels. Committed to the responsibility of caring for the environment, this philosophy is passed on to all the services and facilities offered by the hotel, from the correct management of water and waste, to the participation in sustainable mobility programmes and the use of renewable sources for energy within the hotel.

  1. Wellness in all its splendour

Many visitors don´t want to give up their healthy lifestyle just because they are on holiday. It´s possible to enjoy the stay and also feel good taking care of your body and mind. Try the treatments available in our Victoria Bio-Spa or in the exclusive Air Bio-Spa, perfect to enjoy evenings as a couple. If meditation appeals to you, try out some activities such as Yoga, Pilates or Chi-Khun in the relaxing Japanese Garden.

We know that taking care of yourself on the inside is as important as the outside. For our guests, we offer the service of a nutritionist to make sure you consume the finest and healthiest dishes during your stay – obviously, always based on your tastes and preferences. The same goes for drinks, that’s why we also have a Detox Bar where delicious fruit and vegetable smoothies with detoxifying properties can be enjoyed.

  1. Gastronomy for all palates

Healthy doesn´t have to mean bland; so, we have restaurant areas to suite the tastes of all our customers. Whether you choose to use our nutrition services or not, we can adapt to your tastes with three different restaurants: Chaboco, a buffet where informality prevails and an ideal space to go with the children; Amaina, located in the pool area, with a varied menu; and Donaire, our à la carte restaurant for special and elegant dinners.

  1. Choose where to take a dip

We have pools for everyone, from families, to couples looking for a quieter atmosphere. If you come to Tenerife to get in touch with nature, we can recommend our nudist pool and terrace; or why not reserve an exclusive space for couples for complete relaxation.

  1. A unique place for your events

Our installations offer spaces for your special events, such as weddings, business meetings, press breakfasts or conferences. Our impressive meeting room, Las Olas, with its modern design, is the ideal place for any event, thanks to its comfort, lighting and variable layout.

  1. Extensive sports offer

Whether you prefer fitness training or competitive activities, the sporting offer is a great reason to choose GF Victoria ***** GL. Although we have already talked about the options available for fans of Golf, in the vicinity of the hotel, choosing to stay at the hotel to train whilst also taking a relaxing break, is also a possibility. We have squash and tennis courts, as well as spaces for less strenuous activities such as Mini Golf, Table Tennis or Billiards. For lovers of weights and eliptical bikes, we also offer a modern gym with machines, as well as exercise classes where you can join in the fun.

  1. Cocktails of international prestige

There is nothing like a sun and beach environment to enjoy the best cocktails, and if they are prepared by professionals who hold international awards, even better. Try the best combinations and also hear the suggestions from the bartenders.

  1. Entertainment for the little ones

Children can also learn a lot within a hotel with a sustainable philosophy such as GF Victoria*****GL. We have prepared activities for them to have fun and, at the same time, discover healthy food and the importance of recycling.

  1. Luxury, but just like home

In our rooms, we never forget about what is the true soul of our hotel and our responsibility for ensuring your comfort. With options for all types of guests and many added features inside, our suites offer the comfort you find in your own home, but without giving up the luxury that characterizes the hotels of the GF Hoteles chain.