Hello Yellow Day 2024

Hello Yellow Day 2024! Discover its origin and celebrate it in GF Victoria

Hello Yellow Day 2024! Did you know that there is a day considered the happiest day of the year? Just as there is the saddest day of the year, known as ‘Blue Monday’ and celebrated in January, now that we are entering June and summer is arriving, the famous ‘Yellow Day’ is also approaching.

June 20th is marked as one of the most optimistic days of the year, and with the arrival of the summer solstice, longer days and warmer nights, it seems that being happy and cheerful is much easier than the rest of the year.

Hellow yellow Day 2024! Read on, here we tell you the origin of this special day and give you some ideas on how to celebrate it in style.

Hello Yellow Day 2024: the origin of this optimistic day

Hello Yellow Day 2024The fact that the 20th of June is known as ‘yellow day’ is no coincidence, as the emotional and psychological influence that certain meteorological, psychological and social factors have on people has been proven.

Regarding meteorological factors, it can be said that higher temperatures and more daylight hours have an enormous influence on people, due to the increase in serotonin, a hormone that improves our mood and generates feelings of wellbeing.

Psychological factors also have a huge influence and it has been proven that with the arrival of better temperatures and the possibility of doing more outdoor activities, especially in countries with colder winters, people feel a much greater sense of happiness.

Hello Yellow Day 2024In social terms, we could say that the increase in collective and multitudinous activities, the end of classes, as well as the possibility of having holidays and enjoying the good weather, generates an enormous feeling of happiness and satisfaction.

Now that you know this date, you may be looking for activities to celebrate this day in style, and with it, welcome the long awaited summer. Here are some of the perfect activities to enjoy this season and enjoy the outdoors:

Outdoor sports

With the arrival of summer, many people are encouraged to enjoy the sun and good weather outdoors, practising different activities ranging from running or yoga on the beach, to others, perfect for the more adventurous, such as abseiling, paddle surfing, snorkelling, etc.

Celebrate the holidays

If the happiest day of the year is 20 June, just four days later is San Juan Day, a special night of bonfires and bathing on the beach to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of summer.

Go on excursions and discover natural treasures

One of the perfect activities to enjoy a happy yellow day is, without a doubt, a walk or excursion to enjoy the fresh air that nature has to offer. When it comes to Tenerife, the range of trails, whether easy or difficult, in the different natural parks such as El Teide or Anaga is endless.

GF Victoria invites you to enjoy a happy ‘yellow day’ in style

Planning a weekend getaway to relax can also be part of celebrating a happy yellow day, especially when the chosen stay offers you everything you need and more to enjoy a few days of total relaxation and well-being.

Hello Yellow Day 2024Whether as a family or as a couple, at GF Victoria, we want to make your getaway a moment to remember and that is why we offer you a stay tailored to your needs which, in combination with other services, such as our Bio Spa and entertainment designed to offer the best entertainment, can make your stay an unforgettable moment.

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