Discover Yoga outdoors in Tenerife

Yoga is the perfect discipline to achieve an ideal harmony between body and mind. The benefits go beyond mere physical issues and its regular practice can help with avoiding stress and maintaining emotional balance in all facets of life. Originally from India, this activity continues to have legions of fans around the world, who have found in it a whole new lifestyle.

In Yoga everything is about internal connections, as well as with the environment that surrounds us. Although its followers have increased over time and, as a consequence, the number of studies and centres dedicated to the different variants of this discipline; the opportunity to practice them in the open air is a privilege.


Practising yoga outdoors in Tenerife

Aware that the coast of Adeje in Tenerife, has the ideal climate to perform Yoga all year, we encourage our guests to discover its benefits. In GF Victoria ***** GL, in accordance with our philosophy of active and healthy holidays, we have incorporated a Japanese Garden among our facilities, ideal for activities in which meditation plays an extremely important role.


But what are the real advantages of practising yoga outdoors in Tenerife?

Definitively, the stimulation of the five senses: enjoy spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, feel the soft breeze from the elevations of our hotel, allow yourself the luxury of listening to nothing but the sounds of the wind, water and birds. Immerse yourself in the scents that nature offers, while you oxygenate your body and, at the end of your session, take one of our detox juices before continuing with your holiday routine.

It has been demonstrated that the energy provided by natural elements, such as the sun or the relaxing environment of our Japanese Garden, are very positive in achieving the balance that is sought from Yoga. If you also decide to adjust your schedule to carry out your session during sunrise or sunset, the experience promises to be even more memorable.

Remember that you can also combine Yoga with parallel activities such as meditation, Pilates or Chi-Khun. We assure you that you will achieve the complete disconnection you are looking for during your holiday and you will feel totally revitalized. Shall we start?