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Sunstainable ways to discover the incredible cetaceans of Tenerife

The Canaries offer a perfect balance between development and sustainability, which makes them an ideal choice for a new type of tourist especially concerned with the environment. In a clear attempt to reduce as much as possible the impact on the environment, our island offers more and more alternative ways with which to enjoy the incredible natural wonders in a more responsible way.

It is probably not the first time you have heard about Tenerife being an ideal destination for whale watching. Indeed, the Islands are located at a strategic point between three continents (Europe, Africa and America), and are a frequent place of passage for many species.

Up to 21 different varieties of cetaceans have been recorded in recent years off the island of Tenerife, especially in the waters of Teno-Masca. This area, where the famous Cliffs of Los Gigantes are located, has been declared a Special Conservation Zone (ZEC) and is an epicenter for whale watching excursions in Tenerife.

Whale watching in Tenerife

Whale watching in Tenerife: nature in its purest state

The first thing you should know before booking your excursion to search for the cetaceans of Tenerife, is that there are only certain boats which are authorized to run this type of expedition. The companies which comply with regulations and ensure a safe and sustainable experience, carry a yellow flag with the distinctive ‘Blue Ship’.

Keep in mind that the dolphins and pilot whales of the Islands are protected by both national and international preservation laws, so it is everyone’s responsibility not to contribute to any bad practices and, at the same time, be very respectful of the natural conditions of the cetaceans.

The boats should avoid getting closer than 60 meters from the species or sailing at high speed which can disturb them. At the same time, anyone who chooses this type of excursion is prohibited from throwing rubbish into the water, feeding the animals, bathing with them or touching them.

It is a unique experience – precisely because of the unpredictable behaviour of the cetaceans – and an opportunity to practice ecotourism with some of the most fascinating creatures of the oceans.

Cetaceans to discover

There is an 80% chance of seeing one of the multiple species of cetaceans around Tenerife during one of these excursions. In the waters off Los Gigantes, a few kilometres from the Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL, many resident varieties such as the Mular Dolphin or the Tropical Calderón, can be seen.

With luck, you may also see other sporadic sightings, of species such as the well-known sperm whale; as well as those in the process of migration, such as the Rocual or the common dolphin.

It is an ideal activity to enjoy as a family. Children have a great time learning about the variety of species and also discovering the true value of the seas and the biodiversity found in them. If you are looking for memorable moments during your holiday in Tenerife, be assured that the Atlantic Ocean will become a source of surprises.