Crossfit in Tenerife: much more than functional training

If you have followed some of the main trends in fitness in recent years, you will surely have heard about crossfit. This sports discipline continues to captivate more and more followers, and the whole world still asks why. Rigor, technique and a love-hate relationship are three of the concepts that define this sport that promises to test all your muscles to the limit.

In the era of high intensity functional workouts, crossfit has become the largest player. The military, professional athletes and bodybuilders are already interested in this modality, which has its origin, believe it or not, in the 70s.  Its international attraction is such that it has already consolidated as never before on our island. We invite you to discover the keys to the success of crossfit in Tenerife.

¿What is crossfit?

Crossfit is an innovative training mode that has its origin in the United States. Its creators, tired of performing weight exercises and conventional movements, proposed a sport that tested other human virtues beyond strength, such as balance, flexibility or endurance.

crossfit in tenerife

With adherents in all countries of the world, crossfit has a much more primitive movement base than what we are used to seeing. Strength and agility are worked with functional options that exercise all parts of the body equally. This is achieved not only through elements such as weights, ropes, TRX systems or boxes of different heights, but also working with your own body through jumps, squats, burpees and all kinds of push-ups and abs.

As a rule, more conventional crossfit workouts include four main blocks:

  • Warm-up: you start with high intensity cardio to tone the body.
  • Strength training: this is the stage where you work with weights and in which the largest muscle groups are the protagonists.
  • Part B: increases the intensity of the exercises, but the weight work drops to improve agility.
  • Elongation: the session is terminated with deep stretching that helps prevent injuries.

It is quite a hard mode for those who have just begun, but that captivates everyone who tries it. There are many centres and gyms that have incorporated crossfit in Tenerife, due to the great demand that this sport has on our islands. In fact, its relevance is such that important competitions are already held in the Archipelago – of course, saving the distances to be travelled to compete in big events in cities such as Los Angeles.

Crossfit in Tenerife: a lifestyle

To understand the rise of this training mode, you have to understand that we are not only talking about a type of exercise, but a true lifestyle. Although experts talk about differences between all functional training styles, it is common to find many followers of this discipline who also practice specific eating habits such as paleo-diet.

crossfit in tenerife

At Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL, we have always been in favour of active holidays and, of course, that all our guests are able to do what they like most during their stay. Very close to our establishment you can find several specialized centres in this discipline and, if you are expert enough, you can use the equipment from our gym to organize your own elements. What are you waiting for?