Toxins out! Keys to choose the best facial treatment in Tenerife

Salt, chlorine, hours of sunshine and an unusual diet are just some of the multiple external elements that stress your skin during the summer. There are many who choose autumn as the ideal time to undergo a facial treatment and, in Tenerife, we have the best solutions for you.

Although we always insist that there is no better skin treatment for your skin than a diet and quality hydration, the truth is that it is always appropriate to provide extra energy to your skin with a facial treatment that helps eliminate toxins, regenerate tissues and keep the skin firm.

Facial treatments in Tenerife: discovering Bio-Spa Victoria

If you have not yet had the opportunity to get to know the Bio-Spa of the Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL, with no doubt, this is a perfect occasion to cheer you up with our facial treatments. Awarded as the Best Spa in the World 2019 by the World Luxury Spa Awards, our wellness center offers natural and ecological beauty alternatives, in accordance with the commitment to sustainability that the Fedola Group maintains.

With four different facial treatments (basic, platinum, gold and premium), Bio-Spa Victoria provides to guests and external customers a whole universe of possibilities for face care. There´s nothing like putting yourself in the hands of great professionals like those of our hotel to receive the best facial cleansing of Tenerife, accompanied by an exclusive massage and masks made with natural products such as volcanic lava, clays and other natural elements of the Islands.

Tenerife facial treatment

Keys to great face care

Our experts are able to leave your skin as new – something especially interesting when an event like a wedding or other special occasion approaches – However, it is important to keep a daily care in order to always stay radiant and avoid premature aging. These are, according to those responsible for our Bio-Spa, the best tips to apply in your day to day:

Never leave home without sun protection

It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter. Sunrays are the main culprits of the appearance of spots and wrinkles at an early age. It is a gesture that costs absolutely nothing and can guarantee years of health to your complexion.

Always remove your makeup before going to sleep

We know that there are days in which one can feel exhausted and in which this step seems like a world. The layer of dirt left by makeup to your skin not only affects you negatively, but also prevents you from resting well at all. Remember: always remove makeup, clean, tone and moisturize.

Eliminate abrasive steps and products in your routine

Astringent products are especially attractive for those skins that are oily or that suffer from acne, but eventually prove to be harmful. Treat your face and neck with extreme care, with water-based products and light texture. Similarly, avoid exfoliating your face on a daily basis and spend only one or two days a week for this purpose. On the market you can find natural sponges based on konjak seaweed that will make this step much more gentle and careful.

Disinfect your makeup brushes

Do not let more than a week go by without cleaning and disinfecting your makeup brushes. You will avoid infections and the contamination of bacteria on your precious cosmetics.

Less always, is more

Invest in quality products, but don’t focus on unnecessary steps during your facial routine. It is not mandatory that you have thousands of creams, cleansers, masks, serums or eye contours. Choose the minimum necessary and your skin will appreciate it.