Vacations for gamers at GF Victoria

The world of gaming, or videogames, is currently experiencing a real boom. Far are the years of Pacman, Super Mario Bros and the Tetris of the Game Boy that accompanied many of us during our childhood. And, with the arrival of 3D, online games or augmented reality alternatives for mobile devices, the landscape has evolved into a promising industry that moves millions and millions of euros every year.

Anyone who had access to devices such as the first Play Station or the Nintendo 64, real gaming stars in the past, has had to live with comments from parents and supposed experts who warned about a multitude of risks, such as incitement to violence, addiction or vision problems. The sector has evolved and now we know that, with the right format, video games are excellent learning alternatives that also offer great benefits for the development of the smallest.

Advantages of gaming between children and adolescents

At GF Victoria***** GL we are very aware of the importance technology has today, that’s why we decided to implement it also in our leisure area, with an interesting offer of car simulators and other strategy games designed for your children.

Our intention has always been to generate a more appropriate space for children, less interested in our children’s activities hotel. What better way to promote socialization than with the latest simulators? You would be surprised by the teamwork strategies that are generated in our hotel, even when the players are of different nationalities and ages. Friendships and laughter happen spontaneously, which corroborates many of the benefits that are attributed today to video games.

Now that we know more in depth the possibilities of gaming, we know that they are able to stimulate children’s imagination, as well as the use of coordination, logic and mathematics. There quite some experts in the sector that have started playing as amateurs and that, today, work for well-known companies such as programmers, 3D designers or game testers – indeed, those who spend 8 hours of their workday using video games to identify possible failures.


Virtual reality, without leaving the hotel

Making your children feel in a Moto GP or Formula 1 circuit is already possible, thanks to virtual reality technology, available in our facilities. After a long day in our adventure zone or in the pool area, nothing compares to enjoying an authentic gamer experience, without having to leave our hotel.

Enjoy this exclusive family space, every day between 20:00 and 23:00 hours. Your perception about the world of videogames will change completely and we guarantee that the little ones will have a great time.