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Tenerife’s cosmetics that you should incorporate to your daily routine

Nowadays, the cosmetics of Tenerife are experiencing a real boom. The concern for the use of natural and cruelty free products have turned the island into the perfect setting for the development of interesting proposals, made from typical products of the Islands.

At Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL we always insist on the advantages of taking care of yourself both inside and out, therefore we consider that Tenerife’s cosmetics are a great option to incorporate into your daily skin care routine.

All these brands have been able to extract the essential properties of the typical products of the Canary Islands such as banana, Teide’s honey, volcanic sand, aloe vera or wine. In this tedious research process, we have discovered the great benefits that these local products offer which are worth knowing.

In addition, in our hotel we have an important commitment with cosmetics of Tenerife so we include them in our treatments. In our bio-spa, we offer a bio-massage between 55 and 80 minutes called ‘’Aromas of Tenerife’’; likewise, we have other treatments and massages that incorporate typical products such as sea salt or volcanic stones.

Although we know that you are looking forward to experience all these treatments by first hand, in this post we have made a selection of the most interesting cosmetics in Tenerife. Pay attention, because we are sure that you will find them very appealing.


Purifying Volcanic Ash Masque (Mussa Canaria)

This is one of the best-known cosmetic brands in Tenerife. And, probably, there no more typical product from Tenerife than volcanic sediments. The worldwide cosmetics kings, the South Koreans, sell their volcanic masks of the island of Jeju at a very high price; while in Tenerife we can get this fantastic product quickly and at affordable price. The properties of this mask are endless, but it is mainly used for cleaning, purifying and eliminating annoying black spots.


Volcanic Sand Soap (The Soap House)

Moving on to the next top product of our island, the volcanic sand, we present you this body soap of The Soap House. It cannot just be used as a decorative element, but it also helps eliminating impurities by a very gentle exfoliation. You will fall in love with the light texture of its sand particles, as well as its characteristic aroma.


Banana body butter (Mussa Canaria)

Other of the brand’s best sellers. It is impossible to resist its sweet aroma of banana from the Canary Islands, as well as its texture. Our skin is constantly punished by the sun of our islands, the chlorine of the pools and the sea salt of the beach, that’s why it is important to moisturize it as much as possible. To get the best results, we recommend you using this butter after showering. Your skin will return back to its most natural and beautiful appearance.

tenerife cosmetics

Vinoterapia (Lanzaloe)

It does not fit into the category of Tenerife’s cosmetics, but we have decided to include it as we consider it is such an interesting product line.  This interesting proposal comes from Lanzarote and it is made from the characteristic Malvasia Volcanic Wine. Its antioxidant properties help to stop the premature aging of the skin, so we really recommend you try the products for skin care, such as its day and night moisturiser or the anti-aging cream.

tenerife cosmetics

Aloe Vera: the essential product of the Canary Islands

There are many brands that produce and sell Aloe Vera in Tenerife, so we do not want to focus on just one brand, but we would like to invite you to discover them by yourself.  It has been used since the time of our grandparents, this plant is a great healer with many properties. On vacation, it is essential to calm down the eventual sunburns, but it is also used for regenerating the parts of the body that require it the most, such as the lips, elbows or hands. We recommend you get pure aloe vera cream (100%) during your holidays in Tenerife. We are sure that you will include it into your daily routine.