Vegan restaurants of Tenerife: authentic flavour, cruelty free

The history of vegan restaurants of Tenerife not only relates to current food trends, it is something which has been developing for several decades. The important Indian community present on the island, as well as the influence of visitors from known vegan centres, such as Germany, Norway or Poland, have helped to consolidate veganism and vegetarianism as a completely viable alternative in the restaurants of the island.

There are many nutritional experts and researchers who say that vegan food is the future. Sustainability, respect for the environment and animal life, responsible consumption and a multitude of health benefits, are some of the main pretexts offered by the protagonists of this alimentation protocol.

Our island has been able to adapt perfectly to the needs of this new paradigm, with spaces that combine the best of local flavours with products that have no animal origin.

The best vegan restaurants of Tenerife

From north to south, Tenerife’s vegan restaurants are gaining popularity and have become the focus of some of the best reviews on opinion portals such as Tripadvisor.  Below, we will show you three of the best cruelty free gastronomic proposals, so you can enjoy the flavours of the island with no animal origin.


Samelo Veg (Abades)

A classic among the vegan restaurants of Tenerife.  This venue, located in Abades, offers what are probably some of the most creative and tasty dishes in terms of vegetable-based food. Its main premise is to work with seasonal products, with the vegetable options provided by local producers. They do not count on a set menu but prefer to elaborate their dishes based on the ingredients which arrive every day to their kitchens. It is ideal to share relaxing moments in an affable environment or to go with the youngest of the house and enjoy a family meal.


K-Vegan (Los Cristianos)

Meatballs made by your grandmother, with no products of animal origin. Does that sound good? In K-Vegan we find exquisite homemade dishes, to delight customers in the purest traditional style. This restaurant is located in Los Cristianos, a resort not too far from Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL, and offers delicious proposals such as rice dishes, wraps, vegetable meats based on legumes or even a vegan alternative to the iconic Spanish omelette.


The Pajarita (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)

Freshness and flavour in the purest style of Instagram. Eating through the eyes has never had a better definition than La Pajarita’s own menu, where the buddha bowls, natural juices and homemade pastries become a visual spectacle. Their salads, bowls and smoothies are well known among lovers of raw vegan food, and their excellent breakfasts are another great reason why you should opt for this vegan restaurant in Tenerife.

Exclusive veganism in GF Victoria ***** GL

With a gastronomic offer as extensive as that of the Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL and a philosophy of absolute respect for the environment, the vegan option is more than guaranteed for all our guests.

We don’t want any of our vegan customers to have to eat only salad during their whole stay, so we have many proposals with vegetable origin in our Buffet Restaurant Chaboco, as well as at our pool area (Restaurant Amaina) and in the various hotel bars, which offer a careful selection of completely natural detox juices. If you are planning a totally cruelty free getaway, our hotel is the most suitable place for you.