Your mother deserves GF Victoria ***** GL

One of the indisputable dates of this time of year is the arrival of Mother’s Day. On the first Sunday of May, all Spanish homes are filled with bouquets of flowers to pay tribute to one of the great pillars in many families. Although there’s nothing more beautiful than showing your love with roses, at GF Victoria ***** GL we propose a very original kind of gift, which neither you nor your mother will be able to resist.

There are times when giving an experience can be more rewarding for both parties than the typical jewellery, perfume or book. For this reason, we consider that there’s no better gift than a visit to our hotel, whose benefits and services will guarantee precious memories.

Mother’s Day, from the beginning to the end at GF Victoria ***** GL

GF VICTORIA Harmony Suite bañera integrada

Waking up in one of our comfortable suites, going out to the terrace and enjoying all the comforts in the most peaceful environment, is the first thing that you and your mother will do at the beginning of the day. Attractive decor and facilities with the most modern features, that will make you feel at home, are all you need to start your special day the way you deserve.


The most important meal of the day cannot be missed on such a prominent day and to provide your mother with the best breakfast, just visit our Buffet Restaurant Chaboco.  Whether your mother prefers a French breakfast or simply toast with tomato, in our buffet you’ill find the freshest and most delicious options. Seasonal and native fruits, vegetables, cereals, breads of all kinds, food made in the moment, as well as healthier foods, such as salmon, honey, oats, etc. Quality is our hallmark in all the hotels of the GF chain and, in this case, it’s more than guaranteed.


Up to four bathing areas are available for you and your mother, to delight you during your stay. Take advantage of the idyllic surroundings that our hotel offers, to take the best photos from the pool area and awaken the envy of your friends by sharing them on your social networks. At all times we’ll make sure that your mother is the well cared for and that she enjoys her moments in the sun or tasting one of our delicious smoothies.


And what would a stay with your Mother be, if it did not include some special pampering for her?  Our facilities are equipped to offer the most relaxing moments that will allow you to take care of yourself inside and out. From our exclusive Bio-Spa, you can combine our specific treatments, such as anti-aging massages or rituals to combat stress, with our modern hydrothermal circuit.


It’s impossible to conceive a Mother’s Day without a shopping evening. Luckily, the perfect location of GF Victoria ***** GL offers, in its surroundings, the most exquisite shopping centres, with the most original shops where luxury and originality in design are assured. Take a quiet coffee, stroll along the coast of Adeje and make your Mother’s Day one to remember.

GF VICTORIA Rte. a la carta DONAIRE 4

Donaire is the ideal place to taste the most select gastronomic cuisine and, of course, to put the final touch to an unbeatable Mother’s Day. In our menu you’ll find the most exquisite dishes, prepared with avant-garde techniques and all the flavour of top quality products. Don´t miss the tasty desserts that we prepare in our kitchen and why not sample one of our delicious cocktails to celebrate this very special day.