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  • Meet the exclusive mixologists of the GF Victoria ***** GL: Paul Dierick

Meet the exclusive mixologists of the GF Victoria ***** GL: Paul Dierick

The world of cocktails is one of the most exciting that exist. The art of mixing flavors and giving a drink that evokes sensations of all kinds is something that only the most qualified people are capable of handling. In our eagerness to have the best experts to ensure a full experience at the Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL, we have authentic teachers, ready to develop the most exquisite and innovative drinks.

We have decided to talk with Paul Dierick to know his impressions of the new stage in our hotel and discover a little more about everything that’s hidden behind him. He’s also talked about the awards that recognize his ability to offer the best cocktails to our guests and his best anecdotes within the profession

“The guest of the GF Victoria ***** GL is going to be very lucky to try our cocktails”

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Native from Belgium, Paul Dierick has lived in Tenerife for 15 years. Witness of the evolution that this modality has had in the island in the last years, reveals that “the quality has increased enough. Today there are many options and modalities, as well as an author’s cocktails that we can not see anywhere else in the world”.

Paul is willing to show his best profile as a bartender at the GF Victoria ***** GL and his characteristic Fancy style. “I think what you never have to lose is the classical essence,” he says. With a very sophisticated touch, Paul will make our guests enjoy the best version of the so-called international cocktail bar. Mojitos, Daiquiris, Manhattans, Martinis… there’s nothing that can resist this firm defender of the well-understood classical technique and current member of the Association of Barmans of Tenerife.

About the new stage that faces in our hotel, Dierick is very excited. “The guest of GF Victoria will be very lucky to come and have our service exclusively. He’ll feel very comfortable and will be able to try very different options and, of course, healthier -in the event that they want it- “. Whether you are strong flavors or if you prefer something sweet, fruity or even alcohol-free, Paul will be able to make the best recommendations so that the stay at our hotel remains unforgettable.

If your experience as a guarantee of quality isn’t enough, it’s necessary to mention all the prizes you have received since 2013, when you decided to start competing. First prize in the Ron Diplomatic World Tour, first prize in Gin Tonic, Classical Cocktail, Cocktails without alcohol and technique in GastroCanarias, as well as several prizes in championships of the islands complement its extensive curriculum. “This week they have come to test my proposal for the World Class, the most important prize in the whole world, and the truth is that the level is very high. In the coming months I plan to participate in several competitions here in the Canary Islands, first in Puerto de la Cruz, another in Las Palmas … “