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Tenerife and its privileges climate: three seasons in a single day

There are few places in the world as privileged as the island of Tenerife. Its meteorological and orographic conditions result in a succession of unique landscapes, where immense valleys, cinematic volcanic environments, dreamy beaches and lush forests can be found.

Many of our guests at GF Victoria ***** GL are interested in the possibilities offered by the island, so we can propose a one-day tour to experience first-hand the wonders of the Canarian microclimate and, of course, to discover some of the essential corners of Tenerife.

Teide winter

Snow on Mount Teide: the classic winter postcard

The road from our hotel to Teide National Park may be a little long, but we are sure it will be worth it. Ideally, leave early to take full advantage of the day (although, of course, don’t forget to stop by our Chaboco buffet to start the day with a good breakfast).

Declared a World Heritage Site in 2007, Mount Teide is a unique place, not to be missed during your stay in Tenerife. This immense area – almost extra-terrestrial – is a living witness of the intense volcanic activity that gave rise to an island full of contrasts and, of course, to what is currently the highest peak in Spain.

Precisely at this time of year, the coldest temperatures are recorded in the area and, sometimes, we can witness the snowfall that occurs right at the top. If you are lucky, you will see one of the most beautiful Winter scenes on Tenerife. Don’t forget to take warm clothes because in the Park temperatures drop very low, but we assure you that it will be an experience that you will not regret.

almond flower Tenerife

A walk among flowers and outdoor eating

The locals on the island know that, when travelling in Tenerife, it is sometimes necessary to carry both a winter coat and a bikini in the trunk. We know that the flowers of the almond tree are more typical of winter, but, if you have the opportunity to go to Santiago del Teide, you can experience a scene which rivals traditional Japanese and Korean gardens.

What’s more, the route of the almond trees in bloom combines this fantastic spectacle of nature with incredible views over the surrounding areas of Mount Teide. The green of some of its charming meadows and the flowering trees will make it feel like the experience of Spring in February.

But, if you’re looking to benefit from the excellent, mild temperatures of this area, you cannot miss tasting some local delicacies at any of the restaurants that are located on this side of the island. If you like fish, it is also an excellent opportunity to try typical dishes such as fried Vieja, Wreckfish, or Morena… and, of course, accompanying them with good wine and some wrinkled potatoes.


Eternal summers at Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL

After a long day travelling across landscapes and through different seasons, your well-deserved rest awaits you back at Hotel GF Victoria ***** GL. As the day is based on enjoying the varied weather on the island, we invite you to leave your suite to enjoy the Costa Adeje sun.

Our facilities offer many options to disconnect in the outdoors and experience the sunny winter of south Tenerife. If you come as a family, we are sure that your children would love to take a dip in our pools; but if you are a couple, don’t forget to visit other spaces such as the naturist pool, the Air Bio-spa or Bar Chill Out Sky Zambra, where you can also taste our splendid cocktails whilst watching the sunset. Without a doubt, the best way to end a fantastic day on the island.